Defend Your Borders In the New Invasion Rift

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Monsters are lurking within the soil of your Kingdom. Waiting for just the right time to launch an assault on the Alliance Castle. Welcome to the new Invasion Rift!

What is Invasion Rift?

Invasion Rift is a new way for the entire Alliance to battle and enjoy. You must defend your Alliance Castle against a horde of invading strongholds that send monsters marching to your gate. This takes strategy and teamwork!

Summoning Invasion Rift

Invasion Rift can be summoned for free every two days by members Rank 4 or higher. If your Alliance chooses to do it sooner, it can be done on the off day once, for $25,000 gold.

Playing INvasion Rift

There are up to 20 levels to Invasion Rift. The Alliance must clear each stage in order to progress by destroying the Strongholds that appear around the hive borders. If it gets too hard, you can choose to clear a stage you previously won.

There are two types of Strongholds that appear on the map; Dimensional Strongholds and Rift Strongholds. Dimensional Strongholds can only be solo attacked. Rift Strongholds must be defeated by a rally.

When the Stronghold appears on the map, you can track their location in two ways. First, there will be red lines fanning out from the Alliance Castle.

Secondly, a list of the invading Strongholds will appear on the right side of the screen. This also shows the monster’s progress towards the Alliance Castle.

You need to attack the Strongholds, not the monsters. The early stages of the Rift are fairly easy. Monsters come in waves with a pause between each one, and there are no Rift Strongholds. Starting at Level 4 there is no pause in the attack, they march faster, and you will see Rift Strongholds which you will need to rally.

The game will notify you if a monster is within 30 seconds of hitting the Alliance Castle. Don’t panic! Check to be sure someone is marching on it.

Invasion Tips

  • Fan out around the perimeter of the hive border, especially in the early stages. The Strongholds will drop around the edges. As the difficulty level moves up, you will need players on the interior as well.
  • Don’t speed unless necessary. If you see another alliance member marching on one, don’t snipe it! This is a team event.
  • On the incoming attack drop down screen (like above), if another member is already attacking it will show crossed swords under the monster. This is an easy way to tell if someone else is already in the process of taking care of it.
  • The drop-down also shows how close the monsters are the Alliance Castle. If one is in the red make sure that whoever is marching on it gets there in time, or hit it!
  • Designate a couple of people who have speedups for the forest. These are the most expensive ones to kill in terms of speeds.
  • Do Rift daily if possible. The cost for the extra Rift is 25,000 gold. If the Alliance vault has that, just reimburse the player that set the Rift.
  • Set your Rift time to coincide with another Alliance event such as Alliance Deathmatch or Raid Boss to get the most activity and players online.

Invasion Rift is a fun activity for the entire alliance and promotes activity. Do you have any questions or tips? Let us know in the comments below!

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