Creating an Amazing Alliance

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There are many Alliances in Iron Throne. Some flourish, while others fade away. So what makes an Alliance great? What secrets do these stable and happy Alliances hold?


First and foremost, when creating an Alliance, ask your fellow leaders (or yourself): What are your goals? Some Alliances’ goals are to be as big and competitive as possible. Others prefer a more social environment. Still others like to train players. Some desire any combination of these. There is no wrong answer, but having an initial goal is critical to prevent dissent later down the line. Some questions to pose to your team:;

  • What is our ultimate goal? A top power Alliance? The Throne? A social refuge? A trapping Alliance?
  • Do we want Allies or NAPS?
  • Do we want rules?
  • Who do we want in our Alliance?

Member Selection

Iron Throne has a 50-person Alliance membership limit, which means you can afford to be a bit choosy. Try to align your incoming members with your core values. Accepting anyone at the door can result in internal conflicts and inactive members. Take a moment to chat with the applicant if they are unknown. Many alliances have a minimum power limit, but don’t underestimate the new players. Many are coming from other games, looking to grow and smash.


Activity is absolutely crucial. One of the main reasons Alliances fail is lack of activity. Humans are social creatures, and Alliance chat and activity is key to keeping engaged and active members. Be sure to run Defiled Stronghold rallies on and off during the day. It’s an easy way to help members grow. Monitor the Alliance for activity, and consider removing those that no longer log on.

Tips from Chrishero 100

Helping Others

There are many ways to help your fellow Alliance members. Trading resources and gift mode are easy ways to help others grow. Consider other, more creative options as well. One example would be to run an Alliance Contest, such as “Who can kill the most monsters in 24 hours?” or “What rank did our Alliance end up in the last Alliance Event?” Offer gold prizes (either from the Alliance vault or through gifting) for your winners. This is a fun way to get everyone involved and active.

Online Forums

The most popular of the online forums are LINE and Discord. Set up rooms/groups just for your Alliance to chat and share information. This promotes bonding and friendships. Also, consider adding a 911 Alert Room for emergencies such as dropped shields or the use of Dragon’s Breath on the Alliance. This room should have no chat so that it can remain unmuted.


Above all, foster a community of respect and kindness within the Alliance. Nothing tears an Alliance apart faster than drama and negativity. Keep individual disputes out of the main rooms (both in game and on LINE/Discord). Even for an Alliance with no “rules,” this should be made clear to all incoming members and periodically reinforced.

Above all, if you’re not having fun, then there’s something wrong that needs consideration, or even a step back. Iron Throne is a game, and it’s supposed to be fun! A stable and healthy Alliance is key to preserving and enhancing that fun.

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