We Answer Some Commonly Asked Questions in Iron Throne

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Iron Throne is an incredibly intricate game, and understandably, players have many questions. Below we will address some of your questions.
We’ve included topics ranging from beginner to advanced. Do you any questions that weren’t? Join us on LINE and Discord, or ask in the comments below!

On Building

Do multiple boosts stack?

Yes, boosts stack with each additional building. Starting at level 25 silver mines give additional attack, barracks give defense and hospitals give HP.

What outlying buildings should I build? 

Many players build 10 hospitals, 10 barracks, 10 silver mines and then fill in the rest with the RSS buildings they prefer. Wood and stone are always needed. Food is fairly easy to obtain so it’s not too common to run out.

On Researching

What research should I focus on? 

This depends on what you want to do. Troop training is a must, but not available until C25. Each research node has benefits for your build. The most popular are battle, troop training and crafting (for enhancements), but be sure not to overlook the other nodes. For example, city has combat debuffs. 

Does dragon research apply to base stats? 

No, the dragon research only applies when you send your dragon in an offensive march.

On Growing

How do I get more gold?

Events! There are events every hour and they rotate. Hit Tier 3 for each event and you can accumulate quite a bit of gold quickly.

How do I change my castle skin and when?

Upon hitting C25 you can change your castle skin. From worldview, tap your castle. You will see an option for castle outer skin. Changing your skin requires gold.

Why should I do Town Mode?

Town Mode has two main benefits. First, you can set daily boosts there to facilitate your goal for the day. If it’s monster day you can set hero attack or Monster March speed boosts, for an example. Secondly, the quests within Town Mode give many items for building and maintaining your account. For a list of maximum daily boosts, and items given in quests, click here.

How do I get more RSS quickly?

There are many ways to accumulate RSS. Here are several;

  • Hourly events
  • Town Mode
  • Chaotic and Defiled Strongholds
  • Farming
  • Raiding another base with RSS
  • Random Card
  • Packs
Can I succeed F2P?

Yes you can! It will require grinding and diligence but it can be done. For community tips and tricks for succeeding F2P click here.

What’s the importance of VIP?

Each level of VIP adds boosts to your account. One of the most popular (and savings in the end) is VIP 22. VIP 22 makes hero skill resets free and will free up loyalty and make your life much easier. Starting at VIP 26 boosts for deployable troop size and rally troop deployment size (VIP28) come into play. The maximum current VIP level is 30.

On Crafting

What crafting percentage should I craft on?

In a perfect world, the answer is 100%. However, that’s expensive and will slow your gear accumulation quite a bit. Many players have had little luck at 80% and instead focus their crafting percentage at 30-60%. Why? Several reasons; first you can deconstruct gold uncommon pieces to give more chances to get gold gear (or multiple pieces of gold gear). Secondly, it just seems to work better and gives a higher rate of return.

How do I craft Raid gear and other accessories that aren’t in the Set Equipment view?

Simply hit the “Craft Equipment” option and find the gear piece you want to craft there.

Why can’t I enhance my gear when I have two items of the same gear?

There are three possible answers to this;

  1. The second piece is being used on another hero.
  2. Your crafting research is too low.
  3. You need two to enhance because you’ve hit enhancement Level 10.

Read here to learn more about the Forge and Crafting

On Runes

What Runes are best?

Runes are very specific and can be enhanced for higher buffs. Pair your runes with the hero that associates with the trait you are trying to enhance. For example, if your main attack hero is archer based, pair it with an archer attack rune. If you need more monster hitting power, add hero attack runes.

What’s the highest level of Rune enhancement?

The highest level is 15, and additional buffs are given at enhancement levels 5, 10 and 15.

Do Troop Stronghold Attack and Stronghold March Speed work on other players Castles? 

No, these are focused on chaotic and defiled strongholds.

How does fusing Runes work?

When runes are fused the result is a new random rune (or two).

Combine Runes

On Monsters

What is a Cerebus?

Cerebus are chaotic type monsters that spawn randomly when killing Level 30+ monsters. They contain materials for crafting the dark lord gear set.

How do I Kill a Level 30 and above Monster?

CP is not the end-all here. For example, your alliance mate may have less CP than you but can kill what you cannot. Why is this? In many cases, it comes down to hero attack. Enhancing your gear is a fantastic way to kill higher level monsters. Here are a few ways to maximize your monster killing;

  • Enhance Attack Gear.
  • Enhanced Guardian Works well for Monster Hunting
  • Don’t be Afraid to Mix and Match Gear for the Best Result.
  • Spin your Town Mode Boosts to Hero Attack.
  • Buy 35% boost from VIP shop.
  • Hero Attack Runes.
  • Skill your Lord for Monster Hunting

On Lord

How should I skill my Lord?

You should use several presets to skill your Lord, each preset used for a specific purpose. For example, use a preset for economy, monster, offense and defense. Customize these to your liking!

Does Hero Attack/Defense/HP help in PvP?

No, these skills are for attacking Monsters.

On PvP

What Hero is best?

This question is asked frequently, and the answer is: they are all the same, except for the rune that comes with purchased heroes. There’s no intrinsic benefit to any one hero, so pick your favorites and focus on leveling those up first. Note that the trait can be changed (for 200 gold) to match the desired use of each hero.

What troops should I train?

This is a loaded question, with many different answers. You need to look at both sides, offense and defense. Higher tier troops are a must (Tier 5 at a minimum). These are your attacking troops, both offensively and defensively. Some players choose to use Tier 4 as meat for attacking for cost reasons, that’s up to you.

Lower tier troops are your defensive troops. A large amount of Tier 2 (or higher if you wish) are essential to combat an attack defensively.

A well-built account will have a large amount of both lower tier and high tier troops (along with decent gear).

What gear is best for my Guard Captain?

Contrary to its name, the best gear to defend in is not guardian. Dark lord is the best gear to use on the guard captain but is difficult to obtain (and enhance). The next best option is to use attack gear, as highly enhanced as possible. Be sure to match it to your troops. If you are using a meat shield of Archer T2, use destroyer gear. Or visa versa, if your best gear set is conqueror, base your bottom tier of troops on this. Also a viable option, a two type trap set up with mixed gears. For more on troop tier comparisons, see here.

How do I get a bigger march size?
  • Upgrading Command Center
  • Upgrading Hall of War (rally size)
  • Lord Skills
  • March Size Boost
  • Battle Research
How do I win a battle?

You must lose less power than your opponent.

On Alliance Deathmatch

Does Dimensional/Chaotic Gear work in ADM?

No, it works within the dimensional battle space for those battles and the arena.

What is the best strategy to win?

There are many different strategies to win ADM. Here are a few tips;

  • Get as many points as you can early hitting monsters (try to at least hit 300k)
  • Stay fluid especially as a smaller player.
  • Leave the last HP bar on players for your larger accounts to hit in order to receive the victory boost. They can then more easily target larger accounts.
  • Wear raid boss gear on one hero to help slay the monster quickly and obtain the boost.
  • Work as a team, and follow your leader’s directions.
  • If you’re soloing someone and they don’t burn. Stop!

Check out our ADM guide and tips from  Tournament Winners!

These are only a few of questions that have come up from players. Iron Throne is deep and complex, and as you move deeper into the game more details and questions will arise. Do you have more questions? Join us on LINE and Discord, or ask in the comments below!


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