Challenge the Ancient People’s Trial Steeple

How to decipher the mechanics of the Ancient People's Trial Steeple

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Jorya’s Journal. on a cold day in the year 102, new Tellurian calendar,

an ambiguous dream became more vivid as it repeated over and over again.

A tragic scene of the day the ancient guardians lost the battle… the clear image of guardians, whose magical power had all vanished, being trampled on the ground under the feet of so many enemies. An unwelcome sequence of the fall of the ancient empire…

and a message amongst the darkness stated, ‘”There will be a day when magic power vanishes. Prepare for that day and overcome the trials the ancient people faced.”

The Ancient People’s Trial Steeple has arrived and it is up to the descendants of the firstborn to conquer the challenges that lie within. The challenge is not easy but the rewards are worth it. This 60-floor steeple offers new challenges with every level and as the challenge rises the rewards increase. Today we will cover the Steeple and what to expect. We will also cover the rewards and more information surrounding these rewards. Are you ready to face the challenge? Let’s get started.

Ancient People’s Trial Steeple

As the Ancient’s People’s Trial Steeple has entered gameplay there are many questions out there surrounding this feature. Today we will cover the challenges you will encounter, the rules, and how the steeple functions and the rewards.

Finding the Ancient People’s Trial Steeple

The first question many people will ask is how do I find this Steeple? That is valid as it is not found in the places where we find many of our different game modes. The Steeple appears on the World Map at set intervals. However, it does not stay permanently so be quick before the used Steeple Count is up or you will have to wait for new Steeples to appear.

When entering World Map view you will be able to click on the Steeple image to take you to that spot and then teleport there. See the image below for an example of what this looks like.

World Map

In the image above you can actually see 4 Steeple’s that are currently active within this Kingdom. Each of these steeples will be available until their Used Steeple Count is up.

Six Ancient People’s Trial Steeple Rules

Just like any feature, this comes with rules. We will cover those rules and what they mean here.

Rule One: All Lords may use the Steeple Three Times a Day

The Steeple is only available to be challenged three times a day per lord. That means that once you have used up three challenges you may not play again until the next day. If you are stuck on a level where you are unable to succeed instead of wasting your challenges be sure to remember that you can go back and repeat levels for lower amounts of rewards. These rewards will show up in your mail versus as the pop up that you receive for a “first kill.”

Rule Two: Each Steeple can only be used 20 times and lords in the same Kingdom share the Steeple’s uses.

When a Steeple pops up in your Kingdom it may be hit 20 times. Once it has been hit 20 times it will disappear and you will need to find a new Steeple on the World Map. So be quick if you do not want to be porting from Steeple to Steeple!

Rule Three: Only Deployed Hero’s Buffs are applied, and Equipment effects will be decreased by 10%

Deployed Hero Buffs include Equipment, Rune, Aura, and Deputy. This means that boosts and Lord Skills do not apply. While your Hero’s Buffs include equipment the effectiveness of your equipment is decreased by ten percent.

Rule Four: All Deputies effects are fixed at 10%

Your Deputies are still available to use with this feature however, instead of their normal 50% they are only 10% effective. While your Deputy will help it is to a lesser degree than a real battle situation.

Rule Five: Face-Off will not be applied

There is no face-off for this feature. While we are familiar with getting face-off victory buffs in battle situations this does not apply here.

Rule Six: Deployable Troops are set based on the Command Center’s Deployable Troops and Deployed Hero’s Buffs

Your Command Center is where your march size is determined. The number of troops you are able to use cannot be increased using Lord skills or Boosts. This will solely be determined based off of your Command Center Level and any Hero Buffs that help with March Size.

Ancient People’s Trial Steeple strategy

As you begin your progression in the Steeple the lower levels are more simple to beat. However, as you progress the levels will become more and more difficult. There are different things you can do to help as you progress and find the levels more difficult to beat.

  1. Check the makeup of the level. By clicking on “Test Info.” This will give you information on the Troops and the Buffs for the test for that level. Test Info
  2. Adjust your march so that you are responding accurately to the makeup of the current level you are on. That means that if you are on a level that is made up of Heavy Infantry try sending an Archer March or play with different set troops to send based off of the Test Buffs.
  3. Remember what Buffs are applying Auras, Equipment, Runes, and Deputy. See where you are able to strengthen these different aspects of your Hero’s Buffs.

Ancient People’s Trial Steeple Rewards

Now that we have covered the Rules, where to find the steeple, and strategy let’s take a look at what everyone really wants to know about, the rewards. When you clear a floor for the first time you receive First Kill rewards. These consist of Resources and Trial Orbs. Trial Orbs are a new feature to the game as well.

These Orbs can be used in different buildings to receive additional bonuses. One of the questions we have seen asked a lot is which buildings should I use my orbs on? Well first let’s look at the building you can boost stats on and talk about where to use your orbs based on your current in-game progression.

Buildings that provide Enhancement Buffs
  • Citadel- Construction Speed
  • Marketplace- Resource Gathering Speed, Troop Capacity, and Rally Troop HP Buff
  • Academy- Research Speed
  • Altar- Execution Buff Effect and Enemy Defense Debuff
  • Prison- Troop Attack, Troop Defense, Troop HP
  • Training Grounds- Infantry Attack and Infantry HP
  • Archery Range- Archery Attack and Archery HP
  • Stable- Cavalry Attack and Cavalry HP
  • Siege Workshop- Siege Attack and Siege HP
  • Wall-Enemy Archer Leveraged Attack Debuff and Archer Defense
  • Warehouse- Enemy Cavalry Leveraged Attack Debuff and Cavalry Defense
  • Command Center- Enemy Infantry Leveraged Attack Debuff and Infantry Defense
  • Hall of War- Enemy Troop HP Debuff and Rally Troop Defense Debuff
  • Embassy- Reinforcements Defense and Rally Troop Attack Buff
  • Watchtower- Enemy Troop Attack Debuff and Siege Defense
How to Prioritize the Use of your Orbs

One of the questions we have seen is how to prioritize the use of your Orbs. However, the answer to this question will be different for every player. For some players, they will want to dive into the combat stats from the very beginning. However, other players may need to focus in on the Economy Stats first.

One very important thing to note is that some of these buffs can be very helpful to you both on the Combat and Economy side. However, we will give you some basic tips to help you with knowing how to utilize your Trial Orbs.

Four Elite Tips on How to Use your Trial Orbs
  1. Players who are new to the game or low in Research and Building levels will want to focus on enhancing the Citadel and Academy first. Building levels and Research are essential in Iron Throne so ensuring that you have these components of gameplay to back you is essential.
  2. Players who are looking to work on defending successfully will want to look into a few buildings but our top three for that currently are the Wall, Warehouse, and Command Center. These buildings offer Debuffs to Leveraged Attack which can be a huge help when taking hits in Deathmatch or other PvP game modes that take your stats into effect. In addition, the Watchtower provides both Siege Defense for players using a siege build and an Enemy Troop Attack Debuff.
  3. If you are looking into more Attack Stats your Training Grounds, Archery Range, Stable, and Siege Workshop are great places to look.
  4. Make sure you really look at the stats that you are enhancing and think through how they will help you. Enhance in a way that best compliments not only where you are as a player but what you want to do as a player. Ultimately you know your account the best. However, hopefully, these four tips give you a guiding place as to where to start.
What Tips and Tricks have you picked up as you have explored the Ancient People’s Trial Steeple? Share your Tips, Tricks and questions in the comments below.


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