Celebrating Iron Throne One Year Anniversary

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Happy First Birthday to Iron Throne and the Iron Throne Community! Over the last year our team has had the immense pleasure to get to know all of you and begin building history and a community in this game. As Iron Throne celebrates the first year of the game we want to join in on the fun!

One Year of Iron Throne

Over the past year, we have seen new Monsters, Heroes, Golden Moon, Domination, changes to Deathmatch and Battle Royale, The Ancient People’s Tower, and so many more. The game has continued to evolve as we have struck out and learned the history of the Firstborn. Over the next year, we will continue to see the game continue to evolve and make changes and we want to hear what the community is hoping to see come about.

We have created a short questionnaire asking you to share some of your highlights from the past year. After we have received responses we will be taking them and putting them in an article for all to see. So we do ask that you keep your answers appropriate.

How it Works

It is really quite simple.

  1. We have created a Google form which you will see below. Fill it out and hit submit!
  2. We will collect the answers and compile them into a community article that will be released later this month.
  3. Please keep answers appropriate or we will be unable to use them.

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  1. fox says

    And where is the form?

    1. Cinder
      Cinder says

      it’s in the article

      1. Fox says

        Oh yes now it is :DD Great that you fixed it.

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