Can You Refer the Most New Players? Winner Will Get $300!

Get rewards for getting your friends into Iron Throne! If you can recruit the most players by Dec. 31, you can win a cash prize.

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What’s better than getting rewarded for recruiting your friends to play an awesome game? Getting those rewards, winning a cash reward and getting bragging rights to boot.

You can do just that with our Greet an Elite contest. The winner will get $300! The second place winner will get $150 and third will get $100.

What is Greet an Elite?

Anyone who applies gets rewarded.

You read that right. Greet an Elite is a referral program where you get rewarded for getting your friends into Iron Throne. Anyone who applies get level 1 rewards!

For every friend you invite that actually downloads the game and creates an account, you are rewarded. However, the rewards do not stop there. If your friends continue to play and reach Citadel Level 25, you can be rewarded three more times, and these rewards are worth it.

Initial Rewards

LVL Rewards

How do I enter?

To enter, sign up for the referral program using this link, then go forth and recruit new players!

Not only will you be competing with your fellow Iron Throne players, but our Gamefluencers as well! Our Gamefluencers are our team of Iron Throne experts. They create the written and video content you see on this site, needless to say, they will be worthy adversaries.

Here’s how points will work:
1 point will be gained for each new recruit
3 points will be awarded for a new recruit who gets to level 25 before Dec. 31

Points will be accumulated starting Dec. 7. The player who gets the most points before December 31 will win!

Keep up with the competition by following Iron Throne Elite on Facebook, Twitter, Discord and Line.

Why Should New Players Join?

Aside from gorgeous graphics, and in-depth gameplay there are plenty of reason for new players to join in the world of Iron Throne.

Pro Tip: Direct your New Recruits and Hopefuls to Iron Throne: The Journey Begins, A Beginners Guide

Rewards from the Greet an Elite program will help players get to a competitive level. And, Iron Throne facilitates new players with their Kingdoms, which allows for balanced play.

Tell Me More About What I’ll Win?

The person who is able to get the most points through recruiting the most new players will win $300 cash! That’s on top of the benefits included in the program. The second place winner will get $150 and the third will get $100. Prizes will be delivered in gift card form, or via PayPal.

The contest ends December 31, good luck Elite!

Some details: Participants must be over 18, fake accounts will not be tolerated. Rewards will take 7 to 14 days to arrive. No purchase necessary, just a desire to get rewarded for your loyalty. Those selected will receive an email confirmation with their codes within five business days. Be sure the email you included and all pertinent information is filled out and accurate. Good luck from the Iron Throne Elite!

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Join the Elite!

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