Build Your Castle to Greatness: A Guide to Your Buildings in Iron Throne

A Guide to Your Buildings in Iron Throne

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You enter your Castle. You are faced with many buildings, each with their own function. Which ones are important? How do you know what you need to build up and what each building does? Here, the Iron Throne Elite will take you on a walk through your Castle and the functions of the buildings you will be using.

The Castle

City Map


The Citadel

CitadelThe Citadel is the perfect place to start for this article. After all, it is the first building you upgrade when you begin playing, and serves as your base’s foundation. Here, you can see see the production rate for all of your buildings. Upgrading this will allow you to recruit more Heroes and open up different functions around your Castle as you are able to further level up other buildings. You can also appoint Heroes from your Citadel and access the Event Center, where you can earn Rewards by logging in and completing Quests.

Building DetailsTraining Grounds, Archery Range, Stable, and Siege Workshop

These four buildings are what allow you to unlock different tiers of Troops and where you train them. Training Grounds are where Infantry Troops are trained, the Archery Range trains Archers, the Stable trains cavalry, and the Siege Workshop trains Siege Troops. In order to increase the Tier of the Troops you can train, you must increase the level of this building. Often, players find themselves with a stronger Infantry base due to the fact that this building needs to be upgraded in order to upgrade the Archery Range, Stable, and Siege Workshop. Additionally, Infantry troops unlock at lower building levels then Archers, Cavalry, or Siege.

Training Buildings

Building wdt_ID Building Image Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4 Tier 5 Tier 6
Training Grounds 1 Pikeman- Level 1 Axeman- Level 6 Heavy Infantry- Level 11 Legionnaire- Level 17 Champion- Level 23 Battlefront Destroyer- Level 28
Archery Range 2 Short-Bowman- Level 1 Crossbowman- Level 6 Longbowman- Level 12 Arbalest- Level 18 Marksman- Level 24 Shielded Arbalest- Level 29
Stable 3 Light Cavalry- Level 1 Gallopers- Level 6 Heavy Cavalry- Level 13 Knight- Level 19 Dragoon- Level 25 Cavalry Charger- Level 30
Siege Workshop 4 Battering Ram- Level 1 Catapult- Level 6 Ballista- Level 13 Trebuchet- Level 19 Cannon- Level 25 Mortar- Level 30

The Rally Point

Rally PointThe Rally Point is not something that needs to be upgraded. The Rally Point is at the center of your Training Buildings. Here you can see your Troop Count, Trap Count, Injured Troops, Deployable Troops, Food Production Rate, and your Upkeep Cost. Basically, anything you need to know about the current Troops you own will be found here.


BarracksBarracks are essential for building. They are an outbuilding, and the maximum number that you can build is ten. However, these buildings will help to increase the number of troops you can train at one time and help with training speed. So, the more Barracks you have, the more Troops you can Train in one queue, and the faster you can train them. Barracks also give an additional perk of increasing Defense at level 25 and above.

Training Capacity and Speed
wdt_ID Level Training Capacity Increase Troop Training Speed
1 1 20 0.5%
2 2 50 1%
3 3 100 1.5%
4 4 150 2%
5 5 200 2.5%
6 6 250 3%
7 7 300 3.5%
8 8 400 4%
9 9 500 4.5%
10 10 600 5%
Additional Perks
wdt_ID Building Level Barrack Perk
1 25-29 Increases Defense of all Troops by 2% for each building. (Stackable)
2 30 Increases Defense of all Troops by 5% for each building. (Stackable)



The Hospital is another outbuilding. You can build up to 10 Hospitals for your Troops. Hospitals are useful in helping to save your troops when you get hit. The more Hospitals you have, the more Troops will go there to be healed. By building up your Hospitals, you can increase the total number of beds available to your Troops. At higher levels, the hospital provides additional HP perks.



Hospital Capacity
wdt_ID Hospital Level Injured Troop Capacity
1 1 10k
2 2 11k
3 3 12k
4 4 13k
5 5 14k
6 6 15k
7 7 16k
8 8 17k
9 9 18k
10 10 19k
Additional Perks
wdt_ID Building Level Hospital Perk
1 25-29 Increases the HP of all Troops by 2% for each Hospital. (Stackable)
2 30 Increases the HP of all Troops by 5% for each Hospital. (Stackable)

Farm, Lumberyard, Quarry, Silver Mine, and Iron Mine

The Farm, Lumberyard, Quarry, Silver Mine, and Iron Mine are your Resource Production Buildings. These are considered outbuildings as well. You can build up to 10 each of these as well. Each of these buildings produces a different resource. As the building level gets higher, the rate of production increases.

wdt_ID Building Building Image Resource Produced
1 Farm Food
2 Lumberyard Wood
3 Quarry Stone
4 Iron Mine Iron
5 Silver Mine Silver

The Silver Mine provides some additional perks at higher levels and increases the Attack of all your Troops.

wdt_ID Level Additional Perk
1 25 Increases Attack of all Troops by 2% for each Silver Mine (Stackable)
2 26 Increases Attack of all Troops by 2% for each Silver Mine (Stackable)
3 27 Increases Attack of all Troops by 2% for each Silver Mine (Stackable)
4 28 Increases Attack of all Troops by 2% for each Silver Mine (Stackable)
5 29 Increases Attack of all Troops by 2% for each Silver Mine (Stackable)
6 30 Increases Attack of all Troops by 5% for each Silver Mine (Stackable)

The Farm, Lumberyard, Quarry, and Iron Mine also provide additional perks at higher levels for Type-specific Troop Training.


wdt_ID Building Level Additional Perks
1 25 Infantry Training Speed +3% (Stackable)
2 26 Infantry Training Speed +3% (Stackable)
3 27 Infantry Training Speed +3% (Stackable)
4 28 Infantry Training Speed +3% (Stackable)
5 29 Infantry Training Speed +3% (Stackable)
6 30 Infantry Training Speed +5% (Stackable)


wdt_ID Building Level Additional Perk
1 25 Archer Training Speed +3% (Stackable)
2 26 Archer Training Speed +3% (Stackable)
3 27 Archer Training Speed +3% (Stackable)
4 28 Archer Training Speed +3% (Stackable)
5 29 Archer Training Speed +3% (Stackable)
6 30 Archer Training Speed +5% (Stackable)


wdt_ID New column Additional Perks
1 25 Cavalry Training Speed +3% (Stackable)
2 26 Cavalry Training Speed +3% (Stackable)
3 27 Cavalry Training Speed +3% (Stackable)
4 28 Cavalry Training Speed +3% (Stackable)
5 29 Cavalry Training Speed +3% (Stackable)
6 30 Cavalry Training Speed +5% (Stackable)

Iron Mine

wdt_ID Building Level Additional Perks
1 25 Siege Training Speed +3% (Stackable)
2 26 Siege Training Speed +3% (Stackable)
3 27 Siege Training Speed +3% (Stackable)
4 28 Siege Training Speed +3% (Stackable)
5 29 Siege Training Speed +3% (Stackable)
6 30 Siege Training Speed +5% (Stackable)

The Wall

The Wall

The Wall is where you can Train and Repair Traps. By leveling up your Wall, you increase Trap Capacity and its durability to strengthen it against Enemy Attacks. In addition, by increasing the level of your Wall, you can increase the Tier of Troops that you can train.


Wall Durability
wdt_ID Building Level Durability
1 1 8K
2 2 8.1k
3 3 8.2k
4 4 8.3k
5 5 8.4k
6 6 8.5k
7 7 8.6k
8 8 8.7K
9 9 8.8k
10 10 8.9k
Trap Tier Unlock
wdt_ID Wall Level Tier
1 1 1
2 7 2
3 13 3
4 19 4
5 25 5



The Warehouse is a defense structure. It allows you to not only protect Troops but also to protect some of your Resources. By putting Troops and Resources in your Warehouse, if you are attacked, the attacker cannot kill those troops or obtain those Resources.


Warehouse Troop Evacuation Capacity

wdt_ID Building Level Max Capacity
1 1 10k
2 2 11K
3 3 12k
4 4 13.5k
5 5 14.5k
6 6 16k
7 7 17.5k
8 8 20k
9 9 21.5k
10 10 24k


The Marketplace will allow you to send and receive resources from other Alliance Members. This is helpful when you need to either hide resources due to not being able to shield, or when your fellow Alliance Member just needs a little extra help in building, researching, or training. By increasing the level of this building, you can increase the number of resources you can send at a time, decrease the tax rate of sending the resources, and increase the speed of the Caravan carrying the resources to your fellow Alliance member.

The Forge

ForgeThe Forge is where you are able to complete various functions involving Gear. Gear is an important feature in Iron Throne, making this a very important building. In this building, you can Craft Gear, Upgrade Gear, Enhance Gear, Sell Gear, and Combine and Dismantle Materials. When increasing the level of this building, you get Crafting Speed time benefits. For more information on this building in depth, be sure to visit our article, The Forge.

Crafting Time
wdt_ID Level Crafting Speed Increase (%) Power Bonus
1 1 5 0
2 2 10 35
3 3 15 38
4 4 20 44
5 5 25 56
6 6 30 108
7 7 35 172
8 8 40 325
9 9 45 544
10 10 50 791

The Inn

The InnThe Inn is a building that has some great Rewards. By killing Chaotic Strongholds, you can earn Ancient Coins, which you can in turn spend at the Inn to flip cards and receive resources, Speed Ups, and other various items needed. Upgrading the Inn also helps you with Quests by allowing you to increase the number of quests you can accept and decrease the amount of time it takes to complete these quests.


The Merchant

The MerchantThe Merchant is another outbuilding. This building does not get upgraded. By visiting the Merchant, you can buy various items, including Speed Ups, building materials, Hero XP, Lord XP, VIP Points, and more. You can purchase these items utilizing Gold at a discounted rate and with your resources.

The Temple

The Temple has some nice features as well. The Temple allows you to “wish” for Resources and obtain Resources with these wishes. The level of the building determines the number of wishes that are available to you. In addition, this building has a Revive Function. This affects troops from Tier 1 to Tier 5. When they die in battle, you can Revive them using Revival Herbs. However, be cautious when reviving, as you want to be sure you revive your highest Tier first since they are the most expensive to revive. You have 7 days from the time the Troops are killed to Revive them, but be aware that the Revival Herb amount does not recharge at a quick pace.

The Academy

The AcademyThe Academy is where you complete your Research. There are currently 7 Research Trees available in Iron Throne:

  • Battle
  • Production
  • City
  • March Speed
  • Dimensional Battle
  • Craft
  • Troop Training

By increasing the level of your Academy, you not only can increase the speed at which Research is completed, but you can also open up new levels of Research.

Command Center and Hall of War

The Command Center is essential for players who want to be Attack Players. This building determines the number of troops you are able to deploy. At level 30, this building will increase your march size by 200,000. The Command Center gives sizable March Size increases and is very important.

While the Command Center helps with your Solo March Size, the Hall of War determines your Rally March Size. By increasing the level of this building, you can increase the size of the Rally that you are able to send. This is also where the troops will gather while waiting to be sent out.


EmbassyThe Embassy is another defense structure. This building is essential to completing construction, research, and other functions. The Embassy gives you the ability to receive troop reinforcements from your fellow Alliance Members. This building also increases the number of helps you can receive from your fellow Alliance Members when completing various tasks.


Embassy Perks

wdt_ID Building Level Perk
1 25-29 Defense of Reinforcement Received through Embassy +10%
2 30 Defense of Reinforcement Received through Embassy +30%
Building Level Perk

The Watchtower

The Watchtower is a defensive and offensive structure. It allows you to see incoming marches and details and allows you to scout other players when preparing to attack them. This building gives various levels of information based on its level.

wdt_ID Building Level Watchtower Effect
1 1 March Detection
2 2 Display the Opponent Marching Troops toward you
3 3-4 Display the opponent's Castle Coordinates
4 5-6 Display the Opponent's Name
5 7-8 Display when the opponent will arrive
6 9-10 Display a rough estimate of the opponent's troops (type, name, tiers)
7 11-12 Display a rough estimate of the opponent's troops (headcount)
8 13-14 Display the opponent's Lord Level
9 15-16 Display an accurate headcount of the opponent's troops
10 17-18 Display the opponent Captain's Level

The Altar

The Altar provides Buffs when you execute the Heroes held in your prison. In addition, it helps to preserve the XP of your Heroes that are executed. This structure is essential to getting those Buffs, and the Buffs are increased by upgrading this building. Your Dragon also sits on top of your Altar. The Dragon drops 300 Gold every three hours. Additionally, you can access the AR function from the Altar. The AR function allows you to feed your Dragon three times daily in order to extend the time your VIP is activated by three hours.

The Prison

The Prison is where Heroes that you have captured from Enemy Players reside. Heroes will stay here until they are released, executed, or they escape. In order to decrease the amount of time you need to hold a Hero to execute, you can upgrade the Prison.

Construction Tips and Tricks

  • Only open the exact number of resources you need at a time to prevent enemies from stealing them when you are being attacked.
  • Make sure you complete Quests, Town Mode, Dimensional Battle and other things to obtain special construction materials. You can also get these as Defeat Rewards from Battle Royale.
  • Be sure to utilize any Construction Boosts you have.
  • Skill your Lord for Construction and complete Research for Construction.
  • Get Town Buffs for Construction.
  • Upgrade and Appoint your Construction Hero.
  • Gear up your Construction Hero with the best Construction Gear you have.

Your buildings are essential to other features in the game, as can be seen above, so be sure they are leveled up as high as possible. While Research is very important as well, your Construction can even help with your Research time. So grab a hammer and get building!

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