Build a Strong Kingdom with your Fresh Start

Build a Strong Kingdom with your new Crew

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Recently Netmarble hosted a Fresh Start event. With this event, players were given a free transfer port and had the opportunity to make a new home in a different Kingdom. Throughout the course of this event, we saw individual players moving and finding new Alliance homes. However, we also saw whole Alliances port to new Kingdoms to explore what else is out there in the Iron Throne world. 

Kingdom Transfer

In the past, we have talked about how to build a strong and active Alliance and this remains important for those Alliances that took on new members who ported into new Kingdoms on their own. However, today we are going to talk about how to build a strong Kingdom and why it is important to do so. 

Building a Strong Kingdom

Why is building a strong Kingdom so important? Often we are only focused on building ourselves up strong or our Alliance up strong. However, a thriving Kingdom is valuable for a couple of reasons:

  1. Players want to be in Kingdoms that are active. By ensuring that your Kingdom is strong you are giving yourself the ability to further strengthen your Alliance. 
  2. Players get bored when the Kingdom is dead. We all play our games for fun. A dead Kingdom is not fun. You can sit around with your Alliance and win Capital or sanctuaries because you really do not have anyone to contest you but eventually having no competition is going to get boring. 
  3. A strong Kingdom will perform better in Kingdom events. We all want to win, we are gamers and we are competitive, it is that simple. A strong Kingdom increases your chance of being successful in Kingdom events. 
  4. A Strong Kingdom is a happy Kingdom. It is important to have a happy Kingdom because that means players are going to keep logging in and investing time into the Kingdom. It means that you will have rivals and allies and that leads to fun, which leads to happiness. 

What makes a Kingdom Unhealthy? 

We now know the reasons that it is important to have a strong Kingdom but what makes a Kingdom unhealthy? Before we can really talk about how to build a strong Kingdom we must be able to diagnose the problem. Recently, I asked some of you to chime in on things that made you leave your Kingdom or that made your Kingdom an unpleasant place to be. Your answers to this question are going to make up a majority of this section. 

Three Behaviors that make a Kingdom Unhealthy

There are certain behaviors that contribute more to making your Kingdom unhealthy. While this is not a comprehensive list it does hit some of the major behaviors you will find in unhealthy Kingdoms. 

Behavior One: Unhealthy Kingdoms Exhibit Toxic Behavior in Kingdom Chat

This includes things like taking trolling to a personal level, sexual harassment, bullying, etc. While there the normal trash talk that comes along with playing a competitive game be sure not to take it too far or to allow it to go too far. Players who feel bullied within their Kingdom are not going to want to invest in their Kingdom. 

Behavior Two: Unhealthy Kingdoms have A Toxic Ruling Alliance

No matter what Kingdom you go to there will always be an Alliance that is the strongest. However, the Ruling Alliance in a Kingdom has a responsibility to not be toxic. A toxic ruling Alliance will exhibit behaviors such as using infernal breath, being unwilling to work with other Alliances in the Kingdom, going on ego trips and shaming other Alliances that do not measure up to their standards. 

Behavior Three: Unhealthy Kingdoms Show an Unwillingness to Work Together as a Kingdom 

Unhealthy Kingdoms do not work together. They do not talk to each other or help each other and it is an environment where everyone is out for their own good. I am not saying that to be a strong Kingdom you should be a NAP (non-aggression pact) Kingdom. However, as a Kingdom, you should come together to determine what behaviors are acceptable and what behaviors are not. You need to come together to ensure that even when you are burning each other you are also helping to build each other up. 

Building a Healthy Kingdom

In order to build a healthy Kingdom, you need to engage in different behaviors then an unhealthy Kingdom engages in. If you are engaging in unhealthy behaviors as a Kingdom then you will build an unhealthy Kingdom. We saw massive transfers out of some Kingdoms due to the toxic behaviors of ruling Alliances and other members of the community. 

Five Behaviors that help to build a Healthy Kingdom 

A healthy Kingdom is a strong Kingdom. To understand how to build that Kingdom let’s take a look at the contrast to our last section and talk about behaviors that you will see Healthy Kingdoms exhibiting. 

Behavior One: Healthy Kingdoms have A Strong Line of Communication

A Healthy Kingdom has a strong line of communication amongst its leaders and members. Many Kingdoms have chat rooms on apps such as the Line App or Discord. In those rooms, they are able to bond and get to know the people they are playing the game with on a daily basis. They are also able to work to express Kingdom expectations in these rooms and coordinate for Kingdom events. 

Behavior Two: Healthy Kingdoms Exhibit A Willingness to Work Together

A Healthy Kingdom is willing to work together. They understand that by helping the whole Kingdom progress and grow strong it will strengthen the Kingdom which will, in turn, strengthen their Alliances and strengthen individual players.  They have an attitude that success is going to come through support and growth. 

Behavior Three: Healthy Kingdoms Set Clear Expectations and Guidelines

Setting clear expectations for your Kingdom is important. Do you tile hit? Do you only tile hit during PVP events? Setting clear expectations for behaviors such as this is important and making sure those expectations are communicated is important. Also, I get it, it’s a war game. We do not want our actions to be dictated, however, if members of the community blatantly disregard the expectations of the community it will quickly become a toxic environment. 

Behavior Four: Healthy Kingdoms Do Not Tolerate Toxic Behavior or Bullying

Allowing toxic behavior and bullying will quickly kill the mood of a Kingdom and cause resentment. We normally see this type of behavior in Kingdom Chats. Players make threats and insult other players. They take trolling to a new level that is unhealthy. There will be some trash talk, however, healthy Kingdoms do not allow this to escalate to a level that is unhealthy for their Kingdom. Many times you can determine the strength of a Kingdom by the health of their Kingdom chat. 

Behavior Five: Healthy Kingdoms Foster a Healthy Spirit of Competition

I know it was starting to sound like I was going to tell you not to hit each other, but this is far from the truth. In Iron Throne it is difficult to defend so we know most players are going to constantly be shielded. However, in a healthy Kingdom, you will see testing, you will see players playing Capital and Sanctuary and learning to play these without fear. A healthy Kingdom is going to foster a healthy spirit of competition because they will understand it will help players be ready when it is time for Kingdom events. If we never have the opportunity to learn in our Kingdoms then we will fail when we go outside our Kingdoms. 

This is in contrast to unhealthy Kingdoms that seek to crush the spirit of other Alliances. I understand that things like infernal breath are aspects of the game. However, by using this on active Kingdom members and zeroing and farming them you weaken your Kingdom. One of the arguments we often hear for this is that if it can be done then we can do it. Well, yes, you can, but consider the impact it will have on your Kingdom. You can tile hit but by doing so you prevent your Kingdom from growing stronger as resources are much needed. You can use Infernal Breath to zero and farm players but by doing so you create a toxic atmosphere where players do not feel safe and so they do not want to log in and grow. Just because you can do something does not mean that you should. 

While this is not a comprehensive list of behaviors that healthy and unhealthy Kingdoms exhibit it is a great start. With the fresh start, many players have the opportunity to strike out again and build a new Kingdom that is healthy and therefore strong. Make sure that you do so early on! We would love to hear more from you. What unhealthy and healthy behaviors do you see Kingdoms exhibit? Let us know in the comments below and do not forget to join us on socials for fun and strategy on the go. 

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