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Our guide to savvy spending and budget-conscious play in Iron Throne Elite

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Netmarble’s Iron Throne is here and players are ready to pull out the hammers and get to building. While there can be a cost associated with similar types of games at times, one of the best things about this game is that grinding can get you a long way. Here, we will take a look at how to budget your spending and where you can grind and earn prizes. While you may not get there as quickly as you would if you spent, you can still grow and maintain without spending your life savings. The first thing to look at today is the store.

Gold Store

The Gold Store is accessible at the right side of your screen in the top corner. Upon entering the Gold Store, you will see multiple tabs with many options when it comes to packs. At times, knowing which packs to choose for yourself can be difficult. However, there are some packs that you will definitely want to invest in and then fit other packs to your budget.

Gold Store

In the Store, you have your Recommended Packs, Limited Time Packs, Equipment Packs, Packages, and Gold. You can scroll through and look at different packs using the Next button located in the bottom right corner, if there is more than one option to display.

The other feature you will see in your Gold Shop is a Mileage Bonus. Mileage Bonuses can be earned over time and give you different rewards based on your tier of spending. Your tier is determined by how much Base Gold is in the packs that you are purchasing. In the pack above, you can see that the Base Gold is 22K while the Bonus Gold is 44K. The Bonus Gold will not count towards your Mileage Bonus. Mileage Bonus is a good way to increase your rewards from your purchases.

Mileage Bonus

Once you complete every tier, it starts over again at Tier 1, so you constantly earn rewards with your purchases.

Limited Packs

There are packs that are only available for purchase one time. This will be indicated at the bottom of the pack.

1 RemainingHowever, there are also packs that you can only purchase so many of in a set amount of time. Some of these are once a day and some once a week.

Daily PackWeekly PackOnce you purchase these packs, you can see how much time remains until you can purchase them again at the bottom.

Time RemainingThese packs have great deals and are well worth the cost. Some of our favorite picks for packs are the weekly packs offered under Limited Time, as these packs have a good amount of items at an affordable cost.

Free Pack

Iron Throne is now offering a daily free pack. You can access this pack in the Gold Store under the Recommended Packs. This pack will offer different items on a daily basis. Be sure to pick it up to help you continue your growth!

Free Pack

Daily Reward Packs

We now have Daily Reward Packs. These packs have their ups and downs. However, they are a nice boost to your supplies if you are remembering to collect the rewards. The most important thing to note about these packs is that you must log in on a Daily Basis to collect the rewards from these. They do not auto-collect so forgetting to collect them is like throwing a little money out the window. The good news is these packs are priced well making them worth taking a closer look at.

30-Day Daily Reward Pack

The first pack we will look at is the 30-Day Daily Reward Pack. This pack costs 10 Dollars a month and you are able to collect the rewards from it daily. You will receive Gold, Speedups, AP, Auto Monster Hunt, and Resources on a Daily Basis. See the image below to see where you can collect this pack.

30 Day Daily

7-Day Daily Reward Pack

The next packs we will look at are the 7-Day Daily Reward Packs. Here you are able to expand your options. These packs offer a reward for 7 days that you can collect and there are various ones including ones for:

  • Slaughter Materials (15 Chests a day)
  • Outcry Materials (15 Chests a day)
  • Agility Materials (15 Chests a day)
  • Majestic Materials (15 Chests a day)
  • Lord AP (100 AP x 2 a day)
  • Gold (1,000 Gold x 10 a day)

If you are like me you are a gold fiend and are going to gravitate towards the gold pack. However, are these packs worth the value? Let’s take a closer look. First AP, if you were to buy the Daily Hunting pack for $0.99 a day you would receive 100 AP a day and a monster hunt duration increase. By the end of the week, you would have spent 7 Dollars and have 700 AP. By purchasing the Daily Reward Package you are going to have double the AP by the end of the week as long as you are collecting your rewards on a daily basis. The only thing you will not have are the Monster Hunt Duration items.

If you were to buy the Daily Gold Pack every day for $0.99 at 10K Gold a day at the end of the week you will have spent 7 Dollars. By buying the Daily Reward Gold Pack you are going to receive the same amount of Gold (once again as long as you collect your rewards daily) and have saved 2 Dollars. Making this definitely worth it for the Gold Fiends.

You can purchase a weekly Slaughter Material Pack for 4.99 and receive 75 chests. Or you can purchase the Daily Reward Slaughter Material Chests and at the end of the week (once again as long as you are collecting your rewards on the daily) have 105 Slaughter Material Chests. This applies across the board for all Gear Materials. Making all of these packs more valuable and worth the cost as long as you are logging in daily if only to collect the rewards.

7-Day Daily Reward

Getting Started

Where should you start and what are the best purchases for you? One of the biggest things to know in Iron Throne is that many of your capabilities are calculated based on your building levels. Different building levels give different boosts. For example, the higher the level of your Academy, the fewer Speed Up items you will need for your research. In addition, the Troops you have unlocked are based on building levels as well. Needless to say, Construction is very important to building a solid foundation. Based on that, some of your initial purchases should include items that will help you to advance your buildings.

Things to look for
  • Resources
  • Gold
  • Construction Gear (There are various sets available. While some are better then others, anything is better then nothing and will help you to advance.)
  • Speed Up Items
  • Special Building items, such as Kindling, War Trumpets, and Shackles

Advanced Spending

As you advance in the game and in spending, you will want to tailor your purchases to your play style. In addition, as your construction advances, you will want to look more at Research and Training. There are several gear sets available for both functions. With Construction gear, you will want to pick the gear that best fits your budget. Over time, you will be able to work to better your gear if needed. For suggestions on Gear, be sure to check The Forge. In addition to Research and Training Gear, there are several things you will want to look at as you advance more.

Things to Look for
  • VIP Points
  • Hero XP
  • Resources
  • Gold
  • Ports
  • Buffs
  • Battle Gear
  • Revives
  • Speed Up Items

Loaders, RSS Sellers, and More

Out there in the world of Iron Throne, you will find people who offer you discounts. This sounds great but there are several problems with this system and we want to caution you on why we choose to not use Loaders, RSS sellers or buy or sell game accounts. We are giving the top two reasons here but I am sure there are plenty more!

Reason One: It’s all about internet safety folks

There is no easy way to share Iron Throne logs. The way that we bind our accounts makes it difficult to impossible to change your logs after you have shared them. Share that info with the wrong person and you risk investing a ton of money into an account that can be easily stolen or wiped clean because you trusted the wrong person. 

We have seen it happen multiple times where someone has been given an account, bought an account, or just shared logs and later someone decided they wanted the account back or worse got angry and destroyed entire alliances by kicking everyone. Sharing logs in the world of Iron Throne is never a good idea. Once you give them access once they have access forever. 


Ok lovelies, we have multiple things going on when we talk about Terms of Service (TOS). First up it’s against TOS to share logs. We talked about other reasons this is a bad idea but let’s toss on top of it that if you do it’s all on you and Netmarble has straight up said that they are not responsible for what may happen if you do. This means you’re on your own. 

3.3. Responsibility of Account User: YOU ARE SOLELY AND FULLY RESPONSIBLE FOR KEEPING YOUR LOGIN DETAILS CONFIDENTIAL AND ALL USES OF YOUR ACCOUNT, INCLUDING ANY AND ALL ACTIVITIES THAT ARE CONDUCTED THROUGH THE USE OF YOUR LOGIN DETAILS, WHETHER NOT AUTHORIZED BY YOU. You may not use anyone else’s account or permit others to use your account at any time. You acknowledge and agree to accept full responsibility for all fees and purchases made through your account (including any unauthorized purchases) and agree to fully compensate us for any loss or harm that may result. Netmarble will not be responsible to you for any losses resulting from an unauthorized access or use of your account, whether fraudulently or otherwise.

Next up, if you are buying from unauthorized sellers and Netmarble catches wind of this, well, they can and will terminate or ban your account. Bad idea guys. You just went from getting a discount to losing all the money you invested in the game. 

4.5. We prohibit and do not recognize any purported transfers of Virtual Money or Virtual Goods effectuated outside of our Services, or the purported sale, gift or trade in the “real world” of anything that appears or originates in our Services, unless expressly authorized by us. Any such transfer or attempted transfer is prohibited and void, and may subject your account to termination.

These are only two reasons and but I caution all of you to ensure you consider the impact that buying, selling, using loaders, and using RSS sellers can have not only on your wallet but on your game because, in the end, you could end up losing more than you gained. 

Grind to Save

One of the amazing things about Netmarble’s Iron Throne is the ability to grind for the resources and items you need. The game offers many features that will allow you to be competitive and spend less. If you are not the type to grind, spending more is always an option that is available; however, here we will cover ways to be able to save by using the resources that Netmarble has given.

Monsters and Chaotic Strongholds

Monsters and Chaotic Strongholds have excellent drops for first kills. Upon killing the level for the first time, you receive resources, AP energy, Ancient Coins, Troops, Speed Ups, and more. In addition, after killing them for the first time, they will continue to drop different items to help you in your journey.

Defiled Stronghold

The Defiled Strongholds can be rallied, and drop large amounts of resources when you do so. In addition, when slain, they drop Upgrade Hammers and a gift for your whole alliance. Not only does this give your alliance a gift, it helps to continue increasing your Alliance’s Gift Level. A higher Gift Level gives better rewards to you and the rest of your Alliance.

The Dragon

Your Dragon sits on top of your Altar and has several functions to help you in your grind to save. Every three hours, your Dragon will drop Gold. Just click on your Dragon to send him for a flight around your Castle, and on his way he will drop Gold that is automatically applied to your Gold amount.

Another feature the Dragon has is AR Mode, which not only helps you save — it’s fun! AR Mode switches on your camera and allows you to find your Dragon and feed it. When you do this, you get items to extend your VIP. This saves money by giving different boosts to help you in your growth journey and save Speed Ups.

The Lake

Have you noticed the little gold circles moving around your lake? Go fish! Click on those and you will get resources from your lake.


Tiles with resources are abundant and available throughout the land. You can gather on these tiles to boost your supply and make sure that you have the resources necessary to complete Research, Training, and Construction.

Battle Royale and Team Deathmatch

Both Battle Royale and Team Deathmatch give great rewards, so be sure to participate. Battle Royale gives Construction materials and Training Speed Ups as rewards. Team Deathmatch gives everyone that participates 500 gold as a reward. If you were top 3 on your team, you additionally earn Random Soldier Chests. The game literally will give you troops for free! In addition, in Team Deathmatch, if you were on the winning team you get an additional 500 gold and the first place winner gets an Immortal Alliance Gift.

Dimensional Battle

As you make your way through Dimensional Battles, there are great rewards. If you do not get three stars the first time, you will definitely want to work your way back through for those rewards. In Dimensional Battle you can get items such as Gear Chests, Gear, Special Construction Materials, Gold, and more.

Town Mode

Town Mode gives a variety of items that are useful along your journey. When you are in Town Mode, you get rewards for completing different quests and you can earn free Buffs to help you in a variety of different ways. As you travel through Town Mode, don’t forget to keep your eye open for chests with blue hands, as these drop additional rewards. In this mode you can obtain Buffs, Resources, Speed Up items, Gear Chests, and other rewards.

The Inn, The Merchant, and The Temple

These three buildings provide opportunities to get additional items as well. The Temple will allow you so many wishes a day, which will grant you Resources or Speed Ups depending on what you wish for. The Merchant sells various items for Gold and Resources. There are amazing deals at the Merchant, so be sure you check in. The Inn provides cards that give different items. You receive those items by flipping the different cards using Ancient Coins, which are acquired by defeating Chaotic Strongholds (see above!).

Join an Alliance

Join an Alliance. Being part of an Alliance is invaluable help for not only your knowledge, but your growth, too. In an Alliance, you will receive Alliance Gifts to help you along your way and Alliance Helps applied to Construction, Research, and Healing to help you save on Speed Ups. Be sure to utilize all of the benefits that your Alliance gives you.

Complete Quests and Events

Quests and Events give great rewards. If you are planning on building, wait for a building event to be sure to receive the rewards available for you there. Not only will you get resources from quests and events, but you can also earn Upgrade Hammers, Chests, VIP items, Hero XP, Lord, XP, Gold, and so much more.

Blood Moon and Golden Moon

Blood Moon is a great place to do some grinding. You get the double rewards and help work with your alliance towards a victory so that you are able to spend longer on the moon grinding for resources, speedups, gear mats, and more. Likewise on Golden Moon, if you are able to hold a sanctuary this is a great place to be able to earn rewards without even paying attention.


Domination has always been known as a place to get good rewards. The chests given at the end of this event come with all types of goodies. For players who are on a limited budget, these can definitely be a huge help. Not only do you get rewards though but it’s fun having the opportunity to collaborate with not only your alliance but others.

Duel Mode

Dueling and winning give speedups and War Coins. Dueling and losing give Speedups. This is a win-win situation. Whether you win or lose you are going to get some type of reward and while the rewards may seem small if you are dueling as often as you can the rewards can quickly add up.

There are many ways to progress in Iron Throne to suit whatever your play style and comfortable spending level may be. Netmarble has offered a variety of methods to be able to save by grinding. Spending is an option as well, but make sure to be wise with your money to get the most out of your investment. However you decide to grow, best of luck, and we’ll see you on the battlefield!

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