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The Blood Moon is coming! Blood Moon is a new feature in Iron Throne, and it is bound to be exciting. This feature is one that players have been asking for since the game was released and will function as the game’s first Kingdom Versus Kingdom Kill Event.

Blood Moon War

The Elite are here to prepare you for the Blood Moon! While we have not yet experienced a Blood Moon event before, we have some basic information that you should know in order to be ready to hit the battlefield come October 5th. Below, you will find information about the basic outline of the Blood Moon War. Also, be on the lookout for more information to come as we participate and figure out the best strategy possible.

First Blood War Schedule:

10/2/2018 00:00 AM (PDT) Kingdom Matching Decision
10/5/2018 00:00 AM (PDT) Start of Blood Moon War
10/8/2018 00:00 AM (PDT) Victory Kingdom Decision
10/12/2018 00:00 AM (PDT) End of Blood Moon War

Blood Moon

The Blood Moon changes based on its current status. Check the Blood Moon to know what stage of Blood Moon War you are currently in!

The Blood Moon will appear in the center of the Server Map and will take on a redder shade as the time for war approaches. Once it takes on a full blood red color, the war between Kingdoms will commence!

Blood Moon Status Indicators

Blood Moon Status Indicators

Blood Moon Map Structure

A 600 x 600 map will be used for the Blood Moon map. (In comparison, the normal Kingdom World Map size is 1000 x 1000). This means that the Blood Moon Map will be smaller, pushing players into a closer proximity to each other.

Blood Moon War Rules

Lords of the same Kingdom will automatically fight as Allies and cannot attack each other. To distinguish between enemies and allies, the background color of a Lord’s name changes as follows:

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Kingdom Matching Decision

The Kingdom Matching Decision begins three days before the War begins. This is the Blood Moon War Declaration.

Blood Moon War Declaration

Blood Moon War will be declared three (3) days before it starts. Once Blood Moon War has been declared, a reminder message and a Blood Moon Teleport will be sent to Lords with a Castle of Level 10 or higher. The Blood Moon Event and the matched Kingdoms can also be seen from the Point Events screen.

Start of Blood Moon War

The War has begun! Once this happens, you may enter the Blood Moon War and participate using the Server Map. Keep in mind that you have a limited number of ports that do have timers on them, and this event will last for a week! So use these ports wisely. In the case that you do use up all of your ports, you can pay 5,000 Gold to obtain a port.

The Beginning of Blood Moon War 

Once the war begins, head over to the Blood Moon (from the Server Map) and participate! Once you enter the Blood Moon Valley, you can stay up to 4 hours, after which you will be automatically returned to your Kingdom. You can also return to your Kingdom at any time.

Blood Moon Teleport

Entering the Blood Moon 

  • Entry is only possible during the War period (three days) and the Domination period (four days).
  • The Blood Moon Teleport item is required to enter.
  • 5,000 Gold can also be used to enter without a Blood Moon Teleport.
  • Participation is only possible for Lords with a Lv 18 Castle.

There are three different ways to enter Blood Moon Valley:

  • Use the Blood Moon Teleport item
  • Tap on Blood Moon from the Point Events screen
  • Tap the Blood Moon on the Server Map

Blood Moon

Blood Moon Progress 

In Blood Moon War, the Kingdom that gains the most points during the three-day War period will win.
Blood Moon points will be accumulated and can be viewed in real time on the Blood Moon Event “Results” screen.

Blood Moon War

Earning Points

Here is what players really want to know! During the Blood Moon, how do you earn points for your Kingdom?

Here’s how to earn points:

Blood Moon Points

* Blood Moon Event points are not related to other Point Events and are counted separately.


The Capital is the main objective that Lords need to conquer in Blood Moon. Points are awarded while the Capital remains under your control. If the Capital is conquered by an Alliance of the same Kingdom, you cannot attack or scout the Capital. After three days, the Domination period will start, and the Kingdom with the most points will be declared the winner.

Blood Moon Capital
Blood Moon Capital


There are six Blood Moon Sanctuaries. Sanctuaries currently conquered by an Alliance of the same Kingdom cannot be attacked or scouted. Points are earned while Sanctuaries remain under your control, and each Sanctuary provides a unique buff during the Domination period.

Chaotic Stronghold

Chaotic Strongholds range from Levels 15 to 30. Structures are similar to those found in Kingdoms, but the rewards are doubled. Similarly, any troops that die here are automatically resurrected.

Bloody Stronghold

Bloody Stronghold

The Defiled Stronghold has gone and the Bloody Stronghold takes its place. Bloody Strongholds range from Levels 26 to 30. In order to attack the Bloody Stronghold, the Peace Shield must be deactivated and Rally Attacks cannot be made.

The Bloody Stronghold is guarded by Defense Troops consisting of one random type of Tier 6 troops (e.g. Bloody Stronghold sets defense troops using only Tier 6 Infantry); thus, scouting before an attack is recommended to gain an advantage.

The Bloody Stronghold yields a Quick Wind Material Chest which provides PvE-specialized buffs (Stronghold March Speed, Hunting March Speed, Gathering March Speed). In addition, there are no First Kill rewards and the Bloody Stronghold does not attack Lords.

Quick Wind Ring
Resource Center

Resource Centers range from Levels 5 to 8. In addition, the Level 6 Historic Site will be placed first and the gathering bonus reward will be doubled. When a Level 6 Historic Site is placed, the first clear bonus reward will be a Historic Site Box. Crafting Materials for Conqueror, Dominator, Destroyer, and Guardian Equipment can be obtained from the Historic Site Box.


Monsters, ranging from Levels 15 to 35, appear randomly. The probability of Elite Monsters appearing is the same as the rates within your Kingdom. However, rewards for Normal and Elite Monsters are doubled.

Blood Moon Domination

At the end of the three-day War period, points will be counted and the winning Kingdom will be determined.
During this time, the first place Kingdom and its Lords are awarded Victory Kingdom Perks (which can only be used within the Blood Moon). The Domination period will last for four days.

After the War, the victorious Kingdom will be able to use a Peace Shield on the Blood Moon during their four-day Domination period and will also receive Victory Kingdom Perks (Resource Gathering Speed, Hero Attack bonus, Troop Attack bonus) which can be used to farm more resources effectively.

Defeated Kingdoms are allowed to enter the Blood Moon during the Domination period; however, they will not be allowed to activate Peace Shields and any previously active Peace Shields will be deactivated.

Blood Moon Protection Period

After the end of the Domination period, the Protection period will proceed. During this period, all Lords in the Blood Moon are returned to their Kingdom. Protection status will last until the next Blood Moon War declaration, and the Protection period may vary.

Blood Moon Protection Period

Blood Moon Reward

1) Victory Kingdom Reward
A powerful buff will be awarded to the Lords of the Kingdom who win the Blood Moon War. The buff applies only within the Blood Moon and will last throughout the Domination period.

Lords of the victorious Kingdom will be able to obtain the following:

Click image for larger version Name: pasted image 0 (5).png Views: 1 Size: 9.4 KB ID: 68791

2) Contribution Ranking Reward
Lords who have made large contributions during the War will be rewarded, and the Lords of the victorious Kingdom will be given greater rewards.

3) Blood Moon War Point Achievement Reward
A Devotion Ring that increases Injured Troop Capacity is provided as an achievement reward for the Blood Moon Event. You can obtain Devotion Ring crafting materials in the Devotion Material Chest.

Click image for larger version Name: Screenshot_1.png Views: 1 Size: 89.7 KB ID: 68792

4) Alliance Event Reward

Instead of Alliance’s Giftbox rewards (like those in Alliance Events), a reward will be given based on each Lord’s points.

Preparing for the Blood Moon War

That’s all the basic information that Netmarble has provided us regarding the upcoming Blood Moon War. However, there are some things that we can do as we prepare for the upcoming battle.

  • Work to enhance your Gear.
  • Work on skills settings.
  • Collect as much AP as possible, as it will be essential to get points in the Blood Moon.
  • Increase your Research to get the stats needed to assist your Alliance in the Battle for the Capital.
  • Have Heroes equipped with Gear for Gathering and Attacking, and any other functions you may need to use on the Blood Moon.
  • Work with your Kingdom to prepare a strategy. Fortunately, you cannot attack your own Kingdom, so working with your Kingdom will be the most beneficial in planning for control of Capital and Sanctuaries.

The War is on its way! Will you be prepared with your Kingdom to dominate the Blood Moon?

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  1. Laccee says

    When will start the next Blood moon event? Is a schedule to each event (Blood moon, Domination) somewhere?

    1. Cinder
      Cinder says

      A schedule for the next month was just released on the Forum. We actually posted it in our Line room too!

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