Blood Moon

PrincessKat explains how to best maximize your time in the Blood Moon!

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Hello, Coconuts! Today, I’ll be going over and explaining all the fun details of the Blood Moon event!

Typically, the event happens once per month, and the developers usually give you a free port to allow you to enjoy the event.

Now, you can get to the Blood Moon with a shield on, and take advantage of attacking Monsters and getting materials.

However, as we see in the video, you can also try to bait some fellow players into attacking you. Just remember, since Blood Moon is a KvK event, be aware of your surroundings when attacking other players and see who’s around them.

You could be porting into dangerous territory, and it can cost you greatly if you don’t pay attention.

Do you enjoy taking advantage of the Blood Moon events? What is your favorite part of the Blood Moon event? Do you typically bubble and take on monsters or do you like to take part in the KvK action?

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