Be a VIP: Optimizing your VIP in Iron Throne

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We are all familiar with VIP. Our VIP determines many of the features that we can access as players, and can be a huge time- and cost-saver. However, we have yet to cover it in depth. So today, we will be taking a closer look at VIP and the perks it gives you.

Knowing where to spend Gold and how to best utilize your VIP in Iron Throne can take you far. Should you pay the extra cost to get your VIP up faster and focus your Gold expenditure there? Or is it okay to simply do the VIP Quests and log in daily, and continue on from there? We will let you decide that after we cover the different elements of VIP here.

VIP in Iron Throne

If you have played any type of war game, you are familiar with the concept of VIP. However, Iron Throne has done some new things with VIP that have not been seen before. From the VIP Quests to the VIP store, these elements are new to many players. Here, we’ll talk about earning VIP and the different benefits provided by your VIP level.

Earning VIP

There are various ways to earn VIP within Iron Throne. However, one of the important things to note is that until Level 21, your VIP will not remain activated on a consistent basis. There are various ways you can obtain VIP points in Iron Throne.

Obtaining VIP
  • Purchase with Gold
  • Complete Quests
  • Merchant
  • Town Mode
  • Login Reward
  • Daily Login!

Tip: VIP Points increase based on the number of days logged in (up to 7 days). Be sure to log in daily, because if you are logging in daily, you will receive 3000 VIP points a day. However, if you break your streak you will have to rebuild it.

Keeping VIP Active

VIP is useless if it is not active. Therefore, you will want to be sure to use the same methods you use to obtain VIP to keep it active. If you do not have enough items to keep your VIP active 24/7, then you will need to only activate it when you want to utilize the benefits.

However, every day you can at least have your VIP active for three hours. All you need to do to accomplish this is feed your Dragon. If you go to your Watchtower, there is a mode called AR Mode. This mode allows you to utilize the camera on your device to see your Dragon and feed it. You can feed your Dragon a maximum of three times a day, and by completing this task you will activate your VIP for one hour.

Dragon VIPVIP Quests

There are daily VIP Quests that you should be completing. These tasks are things that should be occurring on a daily basis anyways; however, it is also important to complete them to help increase your VIP and gain items to help keep your VIP active.

On a daily basis, you will want to obtain three hundred points by completing the various tasks. There are six milestones to hit with chests with items that will be useful to your gameplay. Additionally, completing these tasks provides rewards as well.

Daily VIP Tasks
wdt_ID VIP Daily Task Daily Quest Points Earned Rewards
1 Log In 5 Activate VIP (1 Hour)
2 Harvest Resources 15 120 VIP Points
3 Attack 5 Monsters 15 100 VIP Points
Lord Stamina Potion (10 AP)
4 Gather Resources 10,000 15 120 VIP Points
Lord Stamina Potion (10 AP)
5 Upgrade Buildings 20 200 VIP Points
Lord Stamina Potion (10 AP)
6 PVP Battle Win 30 300 VIP Points
5 Ancient Coins
7 Reinforce Alliance Troops 30 300 VIP Points
4 Ancient Coins
8 Reinforce Alliance Resources 30 300 VIP Points
4 Ancient Coins
9 Donate to Alliance Research 30 300 VIP Points
4 Ancient Coins
10 Help Your Alliance Members 20 200 VIP Points
4 Ancient Coins
VIP Tasks Milestones

VIP Quests Bar

wdt_ID Milestone Points Needed to Obtain Rewards for Obtaining
1 1 10 Basic Equipment Upgrade Hammer
500,000 Wood
50,000 Lord XP
2 2 30 Common Equipment Upgrade Hammer
500,000 Stones
50,000 Lord XP x2
Lord Stamina Potion (10 AP)
3 3 70 Uncommon Equipment Upgrade Hammer
500,000 Iron
50,000 Lord XP x3
4 4 130 Rare Equipment Upgrade Hammer
8-Hour Research Speed Up x3
8-Hour Training Speed Up x3
Lord Stamina Potion (10 AP) x2
5 5 210 Epic Equipment Upgrade Hammer
20 War Trumpets
20 Shackles
20 Kindling
6 6 300 10 Conqueror Material Chest
Immortal Equipment Upgrade Hammer
8-Hour Research Speed Up x3
8-Hour Training Speed Up x3
20 War Trumpets
20 Shackles
20 Kindling
Lord Stamina Potion (10 AP) x2

Why is VIP Important?

In the end, why have we written you a whole article on VIP? The answer is simple: VIP in Iron Throne provides many important benefits that should not be overlooked.These benefits will not only help your combat stats, but will save you time and money. The table below lists every VIP benefit, what level it is received at, and what the minimum and maximum benefits are.

wdt_ID VIP Benefit Received at Level Minimum Benefit Maximum Benefit
1 Finish Now Time 1 6 minutes 120 minutes
2 Food, Wood, Stone, Silver, and Iron Production Rate 1 1% 60%
3 Increase Dimensional Battle Mana 1 5 45
4 Daily Quest Count Increase 3 1 10
5 Resource Gathering Speed 4 1% 55%
6 Immediate Completion of Daily Quests 4 - -
7 Harvest All 5 - -
8 Troop Capacity 5 1% 55%
9 Auto-Open Chests 6 10 3,000
10 Hunting March Speed 6 10% 110%

As can be seen above, VIP provides a multitude of benefits, from money savers to time savers. While the benefits are great, there is one last feature that is very useful as well: the VIP shop.

VIP Shop

The VIP Shop has items that you can purchase with Gold at a reduced rate. This includes many different items, and as your VIP increases, you will be able to open more and more items. The VIP Shop can be found from your VIP page.

VIP Shop

Items found in the VIP Shop:
  • Resources
  • Stamina Potion
  • Monster Hunt Boosts
  • Hero Suicide
  • Rallying Winged Boots
  • Recall All
  • Training Speed Increase Boost
  • Research Speed Increase Boost
  • Aura Chests
  • Premium Hero Revive (Revives a Dead Hero with no XP penalties)

You are limited in the number of these items that you can purchase on a daily basis. However, these items can  be purchased at a lower cost then you would normally purchase them.

While VIP may seem as if it is something small, it can make a big difference in gameplay. Be on top of your VIP, and make sure you are getting those points to continually increase your stats and benefits. If you have any tricks or tips of your own for increasing and maintaining your VIP, feel free to comment below.

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