The Basics of Battle Royale

A Guide to Battle Royale

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You are surrounded, not a friendly face in sight. You glance from opponent to opponent, judging their strengths accordingly.  You carefully choose your target and you STRIKE.

The Battle Royale has begun!

Netmarble, the makers of Lineage 2: Revolution and Iron Throne, have implemented an innovative gaming mode that changes how mobile gamers experience battles. We know it’s daunting facing the enemy unprepared. But have no fear; our team of warriors are here to give you all the tools you will need to be the last one standing.

So, What is Battle Royale?

Battle Royale is a realm inside the Dimensional Void. You are given a special Stronghold when in this realm, with free Troops and Buffs at your command. The only goal is to destroy all other players. Your main Castle will not be affected by the wins or losses inside this realm. You are on a much smaller map, so there is no escape. Your goal is to survive.  Iron Throne Elites have reached out to a few players to provide you with the best Battle Royale guide available, thanks to early access and our smashing good looks. Enjoy!

What makes it different?

Thunder of Kingdom 3 described it as “David vs Goliath, a small man’s game. Spending doesn’t matter; for once F2P players will be able to dominate if they have the skill.”  We think Thunder was spot on, and he helped make a list of what makes this event different:

  • Everyone has the same Hero and Citadel levels
  • You are given free Troops and Buffs during the event.
  • Rewards are given out regardless of where you finish. Of course, you receive better rewards the higher you go.
  • This is a free-for-all, you can dominate this event all on your own!
  • This is a timed event that occurs 4 times a day. The only way to achieve high rankings is to participate in the event, a lot. Make your way to the top by dominating the map, obtaining as many points as possible by conquering tiles and defeating other players’ Castles.
  • It is a fair Battleground for both non-paying and paying users. With everyone beginning the match with the same stats and items, no player begins with an advantage over another.

Only one player will be left standing. Will you climb the rankings and join the elites?

Battle Royale September 12th Updates

Battle Royale underwent some new changes as of the September 12 update! This has brought a new level of strategy to the battle that will be interesting to see played out. Previously, when entering Battle Royale, you were greeted with low-level Chaotic Strongholds that could be easily killed off with a small march. However, with this update, Chaotic Strongholds range in level. While all of them give the same number of points towards tier rewards, there are now higher-level Chaotic Strongholds that are more difficult to kill off.

You will need to watch what level you are hitting when taking on these Strongholds. Some of them will be better to hit after you have accumulated higher-level troops and are stronger. Like Strongholds on the World Map, each of these Strongholds has a power. Check that power before you hit and decide whether or not your current march will be effective against it.

In addition, with the September 12th update, we are seeing new Tier rewards while playing Battle Royale and new rewards when winning. The tables in this article have been updated to reflect these changes.

The Breakdown

Each event is broken down into 4 stages: Battle Preparation, Matchmaking, Battle, Results and Rankings.

Battle Preparation

As mentioned before, in Battle Royale all players are on equal ground. No active Buffs or stats from your main Castle will apply within BR. To prepare, make sure you’re online in time to queue into matching!


Matchmaking is a five-minute-long period in which players can apply to enter Battle Royale. During this time, players can sign up by going to the “Battlefield” tab located in their Castle view. Spots fill up fast so don’t get caught sleeping. Matchmaking requires a minimum of 20 players and will not start without that number of players signing up. After the necessary number of players are registered, the battle begins. However, don’t worry! If you don’t make it into the first 20 you can still matchmake for another group!


The Battle

Drum roll please…. The battle is here.  So let’s get started.

Starting Troops : Each player is provided 112,500 Infantry, Archery, Cavalry, and Siege troops. These troops are only for use inside the Battle Royale, so don’t be afraid to use them. They have no effect on your troops outside this instance. On top of your troops, you receive three Dragon Marches; like everything, these are extremely powerful when used correctly.

Starting Items: Each player will start off with (1) Premium Teleport, (10) Cancel March items, and (100) 50 percent March Speed Boost. More items are unlocked as you score points.  

Point Rewards: As the battle rages and you acquire points, you will be given more items and boosts. There are a total of 10 rewards you can unlock to help you achieve victory.  Points can be acquired by defeating and removing Chaotic Strongholds or defeating other Players by Sieging their Castles.

wdt_ID Points Image Rewards
1 1,000 Premium Teleport x10
2 2,000 50,000 for each Tier 2 Infantry, Archers, Cavalry, and Siege
3 3,000 100% Troop Attack, +200,000 March Size
4 4,000 50,000 for each Tier 3 Infantry, Archers, Cavalry, and Siege
5 5,000 100% Troop Attack, +200,000 March Size
6 6,000 50,000 of each Tier 4 Infantry, Archers, Cavalry, and Siege
7 7,000 100% Troop Attack, +200,000 March Size
8 8,000 Premium Teleport x3
9 9,000 50,000 for each Tier 5 Infantry, Archers, Cavalry, and Siege
10 10,000 100% Troop Attack, +200,000 March Size

Strategy: Winning this event has proven to be challenging, so here’s our cheat sheet:

  • Watch out for the FIRE! Every 90 seconds, a part of the map will be engulfed in flames. If you are in the engulfed area, you will take massive damage until you port away. However, be aware if you have troops out, you will not be able to port!
  • Port away when surrounded. If you get surrounded, just port away. You can’t fend them off.
  • Watch your health. All players can see your health. If you have the lowest health left, you will be the next target.
  • Try to stay with other players if they aren’t attacking you. A player is less likely to port in and attack three cities sitting together than he would if you were alone.


  • Hide. Try to stay out of sight as much as possible. The longer you are able to keep from being hit, the higher your ranking will be. Ranking is determined by how long you stay alive.


  • Use the map to your advantage.  The edges and corners of the map make it way harder to surround you, resulting in longer march times and a harder kill – making you a less-appealing target.
  • Use your Dragon wisely. Adding your Dragon to your march increases your attack by 10%. However, you can only use the Dragon three times per event. You want to use your Dragon to try and get the kill shot, because the player who lands the final blow receives more points. So, watch the health and when you think you can do enough damage to defeat the player, send your Dragon. You will have to time your march just right because other players will be trying the exact same attack. Be Wary of sending your Dragon! If you send it and hit a dead city or you recall, it still counts as the Dragon being used!
  • Reserve your Speed Ups. You start with 100. You cannot port with marches outside of your city. So if you get surrounded or the fire is coming, then you have to port. Saving a few Speed Ups for emergencies like this is an absolute must.

Results and Ranking

For Battle Royale, you are rewarded based on two factors: your ranking and the number of other players you defeated. Ranking is based on the number of survivors when you are defeated. Your ranking is the number of survivors +1. Your goal in Battle Royale is to survive the longest!

This first table shows the rewards you receive based off of your rank.

wdt_ID Rank War Coins Image Training Speed Up Image
1 1 10 7-Day Training Speed Up x3
2 2 9 7 Day Training Speed Up x1
3 3 8 3 Day Training Speed Up x2
4 4 7 3 Day Training Speed Up x1
5 5 6 24 Hour Training Speed Up x2
6 6-20 5 3 Hour Training Speed Up x1

This next table shows your rewards based on your kill record.

Defeat Rewards

wdt_ID Kills Image Defeat Reward
1 1 Kill Special Construction Material Chest x1
2 2 Kills Special Construction Material Chest x2
3 3-4 Kills Special Construction Material Chest x3
4 5-6 Kills Special Construction Materials Chest x4
5 7-9 Kills Special Construction Materials Chest x5
6 10 to 12 Kills Special Construction Materials Chest x6
7 13 Kills Special Construction Materials Chest x7
8 14 Kills Special Construction Materials Chest x8
9 15 to 19 Kills Special Construction Materials Chest x9
Kills Defeat Reward

Battle Royale is one of the most exciting and unique features of Iron Throne. It provides a level playing field for all adventurers and a truly exhilarating opportunity to own the competition. Check it out!

Check out our more detailed Battle Royale guide here!

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