Battle Royale: More Aggressive, Bloodier, and Fun

New Changes to Battle Royale Gives Players A More Aggressive Means of Gaining Points

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My fantastic flamingos!!! Princess Kat here, bringing you a new video about Iron Throne Battle Royale! We’ll have a look at the recent changes and some tips and strategies that help to get Top 3!

When you begin, try to keep an eye out for Citadel Level 11’s or lower. At a glance, Citadel 11 and under strongholds only need half-marches. Send out twice the marches and get twice the points in only half the time!

Look at the participation number to see how many have not checked in since enlisting. Scour the map as soon as you have teleports for inactive players and smash them for early points to help you progress in the Battle Royale!

Not mentioned in the video but an even more effective tip is once you have Tier 5+, send half marches to struggling players to take down their HP quickly. And/or keep higher troops home for best defense.

Practice makes perfect, so keep at it and don’t give up! The more you play the more comfortable you will be! Each match is completely random so don’t get discouraged if you don’t make Top 10.

Don’t forget that the Top 3 gets a new Hero, as a reward! (Available the first time you make Top 3)!

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