An in-depth look at Radiant Gear

A Comparison of Radiant Gear to Majestic and Dark Lord

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Gear is forever changing in Iron Throne. When the game was first released we saw our first-generation gear which was able to be enhanced to level 15. Eventually, Dark Lord came along and replaced all previous sets as the gear to have. However, it was quite difficult to obtain. Then we saw our second-generation gear released. This included sets such as majestic and slaughter. Over time we have seen sets become easier to obtain which has helped us to be able to make solid increases in our builds. 

With the changes made to our gear, we are constantly seeing an evolving cycle of what gear to wear and when. Last month we covered how to obtain and craft gear on a budget in our article, Building up your Gear on a budget. However, we have seen some significant changes to gear lately and a new gear set that has everyone wondering how it will impact the current Gear Meta. 

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The Gear Set everyone is talking about

Recently we have seen the release of the Radiant Gear set and from a look at the stats, it is a gear set that is worth striving after. However, here is the catch, currently, this is one of the most difficult sets to obtain in-game. Our hope is that as time passes Netmarble will give us more ways to acquire this set and allow us to test it and its stats out. However, we are going to preemptively take a closer look at this gear set and the stats it provides and what that could mean for us as players. 

Radiant Gear Set

What is the Radiant Lord Gear Set? 

Radiant Gear

It is a powerful equipment set specialized for battle. It increases troop stats, Hero stats, and Deployment Deputy stats.

How to Obtain this gear set

When you look at this newest set of gear in-game it is listed as being a content reward and I quote, 

“You can only obtain this equipment as the best content reward.” 

Since we had no clue what this meant we hopped over to the Iron Throne Forum to see what other details we could find. 

“This equipment can be acquired from the Radiant Material Chest, which is obtainable as the highest reward from several events as well as a True World Imperial Castle reward.”

In other words, this gear is going to be obtainable through events however, only as of the highest reward. This means it will take a while until we really start seeing this gear in-game and it will go to the top players. It will not be a gear that is easy to get. While this makes it feel like it is something we do not really need to know about our hope is that eventually, we will see this set become more widely available and we want you to be ready when that happens. 

What is unique about Radiant Lord Gear Stats? 

This gear is the first set of its kind and the stats look a little different than what we are used to. While some of these stats let us know that this gear set is very geared towards attackers it also has a lot of possibilities for defenders as well. This gear set is comparable to a mix of Majestic and Dark Lord Gear. It feels a lot like a second generation Dark Lord Gear set with a lot more stats. The stats that this gear has are really what makes it unique and we will cover those below. 

The Stats

So let’s take a look at the stats in comparison to Dark Lord and Majestic. 


Stat Radiant Dark Lord Majestic
Troop Attack 1650 650 100
Troop Defense 270 180 0
Troop HP Increase 270 180 40
Troop Attack (when Attacking) 750 0 0
Troop Defense (when Attacking) 225 0 0
Troop HP (When Attacking) 225 0 0
Enemy Troop Attack Debuff -700 0 632
Enemy Troop Defense Debuff -260 0 180
Enemy Troop HP Debuff -520 0 180
Additional Damage to Tier 1 Enemy Troops 3000 1000 0
Additonal Damage to Tier 2 Enemy Troops 3000 0 0
Hero Basic Attack 14,000 3,000 5,000
Hero Basic Defense 3,500 752 1,256
Hero Basic HP 72,000 15,000 25,000
Troop March Speed 0 120 0
Enemy Troop March Speed Debuff 0 0 -25

When we look at the stats side by side we are able to see that the Radiant Lord Gear clearly has stats that are better than the current gear. We also see stats such as Troop Attack (when attacking) that we had not yet seen in gear. This gear set has a log of potential as it is literally as if developers put together Majestic and Dark Lord plus some and increased the stats. 

The Set Bonuses

We cannot look at the stats on this gear without looking at the set bonuses that are available. We are also comparing these to the set bonuses on Dark Lord and Majestic to make sure that we are giving you a full picture of this new gear and how it compares to older gear. 

Base Set Bonuses


Base Set Bonus
Stats Radiant Dark Lord Majestic
Troop Attack 50 40 0
Troop Defense 12.5 12 0
Troop HP Increase 12.5 12 0
All Hero’s Skill Levels Increase 12 4 4
Enemy Troop Attack Debuff 0 0 -30
Enemy Troop Defense Debuff 0 0 -9
Enemy Troop HP Debuff 0 0 -9
Immortal Set Bonuses


Stats Radiant Dark Lord Majestic
Troop Attack 100 100 0
Troop Defense 25 28 0
Troop HP Increase 25 28 0
Enemy Tier 1 Troop HP Debuff -500 0 0
Enemy Tier 2 Troop HP Debuff -500 0 0
All Hero’s Skill Level Increase 12 4 4
Enemy Troop Attack Debuff 0 0 -120
Enemy Troop Defense Debuff 0 0 -36
Enemy Troop HP Debuff 0 0 -36

While Dark Lord and Radiant have very similar set bonuses there is an addition of debuff to tier 1 and tier 2 troops that are added in on Radiant. Majestic differs the most and we see that the set bonus focuses more on debuffing stats which majestic has been well known for. 

The Enhancements

We cannot discuss Gear in Iron Throne without discussing enhancement there are times that the ability to enhance gear to a higher level will make an older set more beneficial than a newer set of gear. This is something that players who are able to obtain Radiant Gear will have to watch and compare and test with the older sets of gear. While Radiant can only be enhanced to level 5 right now I do not predict we will be seeing that anytime soon with how difficult it is to obtain this gear. 

However, the +5 Set Bonus is very worth mentioning before we wrap things in this article up. 


Radiant Gear +5 Set Bonus
Deployable Troop Size 50,000
Deployment Deputy 1 Stats Increase 10%
Deployment Deputy 2 Stats Increase 10%

At a +5 enhanced level for Radiant Gear, you are going to get two very beneficial stats. A Deployment Deputy 1 Stats Increase and Deployment Deputy 2 Stats Increase. What does this mean? This means that when you Deploy Deputy one and Deputy two you are going to get a 10% increase of that heroes total value, added in with the stats for research this number can quickly become significant. This essentially makes your deputies stronger. Note the picture below and the percentage on the deputy. With a +5 Set, you will see that number increase by 10%. Please note that it will not work the same by equipping a +5 Set to your deputies as well. 


This set bonus is going to be very important to players who want to use this gear for attack and on top of that, the +5 Set Bonus will also increase the deployable Troop Size by 50,000. 

The Highlights

  • Radiant Gear has the capability to be a game-changer in Iron Throne. 
  • At this point in time because it is difficult to obtain this gear set we will not be able to see its full effects, however, it is definitely a set to watch out for and work towards obtaining as it becomes more readily available. 
  • If you are looking for something to compare this gear to think a mishmash combination of Dark Lord and Majestic Gear with even more stats added. 

Let us know what you think. Does Radiant Gear have the capability of changing how the current combat meta works in Iron Throne? Comment on this article and let us know! In addition, do not forget to join us on socials for community knowledge and fun! 

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