Alliances in Iron Throne

Guildmate to a Leader, An In-Depth Guide to Managing Your Alliance

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Alliances in Iron Throne

Alliances are incredibly crucial to Iron Thrones, and for the uninformed, it can come across as daunting task to understand all the benefits. Thankfully, Princess Kat has created a video going over the details as a member or someone who’s in a leadership position.

Kat starts by explaining the User Interface and how to navigate through it. She explains where the Leadership chat is located, Member chat, where to send out invites, your Vaults and more.

Research is next where Kat explains how to donate to your Alliance’s benefits. Once you fully donate a Research to 100% you can begin the research. Granted, you can only do a Research one at a time, so make sure to use your Speed Ups.

Similar to Research, your Alliance Wyvern can also have skills unlocked via donations from fellow Members. Some of the skills unlocked can be buffs that help benefit everyone in the Alliance!

The Diplomacy tab helps to identify friendly and hostile Alliances are so you don’t make the mistake of attacking the wrong Alliance.

Furthermore, Kat helps you navigate through the Shop and gives a few item and pack suggestions to make sure your Alliance has all the tools needed to be successful.

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