How to Maximize Alliance Research

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Alliance research in Iron Throne has many benefits for both the alliance and individual players. There are many options to research, and it can be confusing to decide which to do. Let’s take a look at research and the benefits of the individual options.

The Basics

There are 27 alliance researches to focus on. To get to the alliance research section, first, click on the “Alliance” tab, and then the “Research” icon.

Each research requires contributions of different types of RSS. You can donate one chunk of RSS at a time, or use gold to send a chunk along with an alliance gift.

Alliance leadership should communicate with the alliance as to which researches they should be prioritizing their donations to. Most researches max out at level 10, but there are a few with a lower maximum level, which we will address further on.

Speeding Research

Once all the necessary resources have been donated, and Rank 4 or 5 members can start the research. At this point, members will need to speed it with alliance speed ups. There are several places to obtain these;

  • Alliance Quests
  • Alliance Gifts
  • Alliance Shop
  • Alliance Pack

The alliance pack is a weekly $4.99 pack that not only comes with alliance speed ups, but also 50 alliance quest refreshes. These will provide additional alliance speed ups, along with honor points, hero XP additional RSS for your castle.

In the larger alliances, you may get to a point where almost all of the researches are awaiting being started/sped. Be sure to keep one open for players to do their daily quest donation.

Donation Leaderboard and Elder

On each research, you can see who in the alliance has contributed the most. The top eight contributors each week, receive the title of Elder. This perk gives extra 5 extra helps for the week, along with a special banner around their avatar. This is especially helpful if you have alliance members working on extremely long researches or builds.

The Researches

Now we get to the actual researches. As you progress through the levels, they will require more RSS and have longer timers. In the chart below there are suggestions for prioritization;

  • A: Top Priorities
  • B: Secondary Priorities
  • C: Low Priorities

Keep in mind these are just suggestions, as your alliance goals may differ.

wdt_ID Alliance Research Max Level Suggested Priority Level Benefit
1 Architecture 5 A Unlocks construction limit on Alliance buildings
2 Helping Hand 10 A Increases count of Alliance Help (Max 5)
3 Professional Help 10 A Increases duration of Alliance Help (Max 18)
4 Enhance Rally 10 B Increases number of troops that can rally at HOW
5 Agile Rally 10 C Increases speed of troops that rally at HOW
6 Cornucopia 10 B Increases Resource Prod. Rate of all Lords within Alliance Territiry
7 Arrow Tower 10 C Increases damage dealt to Enemies within a certain range
8 Stronghold 10 C Enhances the debuff that reduces enemy Attack within a certain range
9 Ultimate Defense 10 C Increases the number of Defense Facilities that can be built
10 Deep Investigation 10 A Increases the Honor Points and Alliance Points gained from Alliance Quests

Note that the research for alliance raid boss is prioritized as “B” in the above table. This could also be considered “A” depending on the depth of love your alliance has for the raid boss and winning the weekly alliance event.

The big two are Helping Hand and Professional Help. Get those done ASAP as they are immensely helpful for researching and building.

Alliance Research with Chrishero100

Many times players overlook alliance research, but it’s critical both for the alliance and helping individual players. Make a point to guide your alliance on which to donate to if there are multiple options, and remind people to use their speeds to finish pending research.

Do you have ideas for prioritization that differ? Feel free to comment below!


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