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Last month we saw the One Year Anniversary of Iron Throne and with it the Beginning of the Iron Throne Hall of Fame. We saw many familiar names mentioned and some not so familiar names. We saw familiar alliances mentioned and some not so familiar alliances mentioned. One Alliance managed to take first place in power and kills. However, it was not the Alliance that everyone expected to see at the top of the Leaderboards.

This K1 Alliance is still making their names known and they are out for blood. Considered at times an Underdog amongst the big Alliances this group is determined and strong and have a sense of humor to boot (I will not repeat some of the things they offered as insights to FAM as it may not be quite appropriate).

Hall of Fame

Who is Murd3rInc (FAM)

I Spoke with Ruby from K1 who is the current R5 of FAM. She was able to give more insight into who FAM is and how they came to be.

FAM started as a combo of BxS and GUN but has grown so much from that initial move. We now have players from k5, k9, k25, k34 and a few others that have decided to become a part of our Family.

How Did FAM come to Be

FAM was something that Yeshua and I spoke about around December, in hopes that our kingdoms would be merged or that kingdom teleports would become available. It was almost a joke to us as we never thought it could actually become reality. It’s amazing that we were able to see our concept come to fruition. GUN and BxS had teamed up on Com Calls and were already in rooms together for domination as well as bloodmoon events starting in January of this year so it was incredible that Netmarble made it possible that we could be finally come together as a family. Hence the name FAM.

What are the accomplishments of FAM

We managed to merge with very little drama or problems, which in all of my decade of mobile gaming – I have rarely seen happen. It’s almost been the “dream merge” as we often call it. We were able to come together just in time with the help of multiple members including Taye and Braan who are gone now and pull a last minute middle of the night audible and obtain multiple hall of fame awards. I do have to say that was a fun call that night pushing growth as fast as possible to get to the hall of fame. We were also able to win domination against k5 which we still are proud of because ONE is a powerhouse with great players and it takes a lot of strategy to beat them. We are currently tied 1v1 versus ONE and excited for our next matchup.

How Have you Acquired Players

Honestly, the biggest part of it was personalities fitting together. We’re all truly a bunch of goofballs and we’ve been accepting towards all that have asked to come no matter their power. We have a lot of fun in FAM and we have events that we do specifically in our alliance each day of the week outside of the normal events planned by Netmarble. We spend a lot of time goofing around with each other inside and outside of the game and as some who most recently joined us from k34 said, they saw that and it was contagious for them. They wanted to have fun in the game again, not just during events.

What are FAM’s favorite events to do together

We really love rift, we try to do it twice a day usually but always do it at least once a day and it’s always a huge turnout. We each have our own favorite events of course, but I think together as a unit we kill it when it comes to ATDM and Domination (depending on how the map is laid out of course) … the day the map is dropped my PMs are blowing up with strategies already, days before we even start playing domination.

What makes FAM Special

The people. We have such a unique group of personalities and activity that it’s like you always have your game family around, your home away from home. It’s like, always having a friend around when you need them the most. The com calls get crazy even outside of events just on a crappy Monday where everyone needs a cold drink and a group call. Or in the case of FAM – FF as we call it. *wink* also sometimes we just like to go totally crazy and kill everything we see. We might just drop an infernal breath and have a resource looting party you never know what you’re getting with this crew … hugs and kisses or the axe to the head. I love my FAM

What do the members of FAM have to say about FAM

We wanted to hear from the members of FAM as well. When it comes down to it the people are what makes the Alliance!

From Enemy to FAM

I came from WAL which is the enemy of BxS (future FAM). After BxS overthrown WAL in k1 , there were pretty dominant and our alliance collapsed. I went back to lead DRG along with my real life friends and some WAL members who were originally from DRG too. After some time the kingdom felt boring because there was no more competition within kingdom 1 as no alliance can compete with BxS. I enjoyed playing the game and as more updates went by , it focuses instead on kingdom vs kingdom so I decided to might as well fight for kingdom 1 alongside with BxS since we all have the same goal.

They became a family to me , and I appreciated that the guys from BxS that did not treat me as a stranger like KaneKong , Gaz , Yeshua , Atlienz etc.
Sooner BxS merged with GUN alliance from k17 and thats where FAM started. The team became strong and stable and I saw people who can play with us together.
Even though we have drama, losses, conflicts etc. we still stick together and that’s what makes this FAM.


From Quitting to finding a new FAM

I came to k1 and BxS at a time when I was close to quitting the game. It held no fun for me. But Yeshua and Southboy offered me a team to have fun in again with no drama. And over time the entire team became an extended family. The next months were spent honing skills and developing relations outside of our k1, specifically to the GUN team of k17 and the WNE team of k9.

When the kingdom teleports opened we looked for an opportunity to blend the teams together. And that is when FAM was conceptualized. We were also lucky enough to pull in other players over the teleportation period that added new layers to us. We have many different personalities here but all work well together, strategizing and just plain having fun.

It is bizarre that an alliance with as much total power as us is considered underdogs but we have no max player. No main rally lead. Yet we are still highly competitive at every opportunity. I wish for every player to find a team that meshes as well as FAM.


Porting to find a new FAM

I started in k17 playing under some small alliance before I joined vty. I played under vty for several months before EW who was one of the best r5 I have ever met united the kingdom under him and his alliance GUN. He brought many different people together and made us into a cohesive alliance. When he retired, we soon after decided to teleport to k1 to play with bxs as they had the same personality gameplay style and morals as us. After we ported, we quickly became a family as we all got along together and Ruby and Yeshua helped greatly in bringing us together along with other like-minded people from other alliances.

We may not be the biggest alliance or the strongest alliance but we play well with each other. Work hard and diligently to improve how we play together and learn everyone strength and weaknesses. No one plays selfish and everyone does what best for the alliance. It is truly a family feeling where everyone feels welcomed and we can laugh together and cry together and be there for each other, I’ve played many games with similar platform but that welcomeness and friendliness that is given off here is truly one of a kind.

As more time passes and we grow more as a family. I’m sure it will make us better in all aspects and make us more competitive. We are still young as a family and so, of course, there are hiccups along the road but everyone still remains united and watching out for each other and I am confident that this will truly be one of the best alliances in the game


FAM from the Beginning

Started in BxS with Moonwhite, Schoolbus, Kanekong, Rhaegar, Serhat, Big cream etc…. Promised myself I would not spend in this game and still F2P, which I love. I like the because of this gaming family. After merging we became FAM. A great dedicated group who will keep on rocking the servers of IronThrone. #WimOut


Playing because of FAM

The ebb and flow of Iron Throne mechanics has taught me to put more resources in developing relationships rather than my castle. The gears change, the events change, the battle mechanics change. Some for the better. Some for the worse. Always for more money. The one consistent thing that drives me to keep playing the game is the family I have picked up along the way. These amazing friends keep me grounded, driven, and entertained inside the game and out. I even met my amazing girlfriend in real life from Iron Throne. Who knew that would happen?

So why did I come to FAM? We wanted to find more people that shared GUN’s vision. I have met a lot of awesome alliances through KvK events and Line chat but few that share the same commitment, inspiration, and sense of community that I was used to with GUN. Iron Throne can be taxing, and as members found themselves too involved in real life to push forward with their game life, our team decided to pivot. Fuse the like-minded and build an even stronger, more competitive family.

BxS, GUN, and WNE easily made the most satisfying triangular marriage I could have hoped to find. As transfer events continue to open, it’s amazing to see each new member join our family and share the culture we managed to build. We play this game for us. We play because we love the game and we love each other. The fact that we manage to stay competitive is just the cherry on top and a testament to our commitment.


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