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Over the past two months, we have had the chance to take a closer look at some of the Alliances that make up the world of Iron Throne. In June we got to know the Alliance FAM better after they crushed the leaderboards in the Hall of Fame. In July we had the opportunity to get to know the Alliance AVE better. If you have not had the opportunity to go back and read up on these Alliances make sure you do!

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These two alliances have been around for quite some time and have a history in the world of Iron Throne. However, we are starting to see some new Alliances that are up and coming. Get ready to take note because the new Kingdoms are here and they are ready to play with the big kids. This month we will be taking the opportunity to get to know one of those Alliances. For August let us TOW you down the road as we learn more about the Alliance TOW in Kingdom 52.


Meet the Alliance TOW

The Alliance TOW is an up and coming alliance in Kingdom 52. They are new but growing fast and bring tons of skill from their previous gaming experiences. They describe themselves as a group that is loyal and likes to have fun together. We spent some time talking to Princess Kat (you know the super talented Elite Iron Throne Video Maker, no I am not biased) and the R5, Godmotha, from the Alliance TOW. Join us as we TOW you along to learn the story of TOW.

Meet TOW

 How did TOW come to be?

 In the beginning, we came to Iron Throne to be a part of the D1E alliance.  Most of us coming to the game left another game after a lot of dysfunctional decisions were made by the developers and we were all looking for something better. 

In the previous game, our guild size was much larger, so coming to Iron Throne, we were not able to stay together as a family with a limit of only 50 players to start.  I broke off the D1E team to start TOW as a sister alliance to D1E. As more and more people migrated from the previous game, we were able to fill TOW with family we have known for years.


TOW was created from a variety of people who all played together in a different mobile game. We moved together and created three alliances in order to be able to stick within the same realm and see each other. Our R5 is a kindhearted, even-keeled person and I think people of the same kind of mentality are drawn to that.

~Princess Kat

 Who is TOW?

 The TOW name is new to Iron Throne, but not new to us!  This was our guild name from the previous game and we wanted to continue the tradition.  Not everyone in the alliance is from TOW, but we all eventually came together as allies along the way. 

Again, we have all been together for a few years now and have grown not just as game friends, but as family.  It takes a lot for total strangers to come together from all parts of the world and stick together as a loyal entity for such a long time.  We are built on a strong foundation of loyal and respect and with that has grown many followers.

We have a positive outlook on everything, keep the drama out of the game and just enjoy ourselves.  Many of us have even met in real life and have built life long friendships with each other. I have a saying on our alliance wall that I believe tells exactly who we are and what we stand for “The only thing stronger than blood is the family you get to choose”.  TOW is my family and meeting this team has changed my life. 



TOW is low drama, well-mannered people. Although some of us are competitive, we place loyalty over power. TOW is a group of passionate people who  likes to build others up.

~Princess Kat

 What are the accomplishments of TOW?

 We are still young in this game, but in past games, we have been leaders in power as well as in skill.  I am very proud of the many people that make up this family and the accomplishments they have achieved. Despite our new territory in Iron Throne, we have already climbed to 3rd place in the kingdom and I am certain that this team will accomplish great achievements.


We all came in right as K52 was coming to a close and a new kingdom (53) was being built. So, coming into an established kingdom, we quickly made a name for ourselves when TOW became the top 3 guilds of the kingdom. We quickly learned how to maneuver around the game and put our tags onto the leaderboards with dueling, raid bosses, etc.

~Princess Kat 

How have you acquired people?

 As mentioned above, most of us came together from another game, but we have recruited and obtained a few new players along the way!  We are proud to have them a part of our family and believe that their playstyle, loyalty, and respect matches ours and we will continue to grow and strive from this team we have built. 

I will say though that many of the new people we have brought to the team have seen who we are and what we stand for and were drawn to this team. It’s a pity we can only have 60 members now because there are many others I would love to have with us if we only had room.


Purely word of mouth! We are a friendly group, so we have quite a few that are excited to join a no-pressure, yet growing guild. Plus, I’m pretty fabulous, so everyone loves to be in my shine. Bwahaha!

~Princess Kat

What are TOWs favorite events to do together?

 I have to say any kingdom kill event!!  We are still getting used to Iron Throne dynamics but by far, the RvR or KvK are our best events!  We work together, watch each other’s backs and even incorporate our sister alliances in these events to make it fun for all.  We also actively support our kingdom peers during these events to ensure K52 always comes out on top. 


Many in TOW enjoy sanctuaries, as well as Battle Royales. We compare experiences and build upon them. We also come together for KvK events; those who don’t feel comfortable dropping their shield, are quite adept at scanning the map and locating cords. There’s something for every level of player.

~Princess Kat

What makes TOW special?

 When it comes down to it what do the people of TOW believe makes TOW special? We all have a reason we think our alliances are special and these are the reasons that we stay in our teams and will even move to new kingdoms and more with our teams. We did not get to hear from as many people in TOW as we would have liked so if you want to know more about what makes them special bug one of them and ask! However, here is what makes TOW special according to Godmotha, Princess Kat, and Gucci. 


TOW is special to me because of the family environment we have built.  I know I can log on at any time and see a friendly face. Even on the worst days, I know there is someone awaiting me with a greeting and a smile. 

We know each other’s kids, jobs, families, life achievements, major events, and many other things. Knowing you have this type of support, even in the virtual world is comforting and I know I would do anything to keep this family together and they would do the same for me.

Princess Kat

Our loyalty. Having some fast growers, we have always been approached or asked to join larger powered guilds and told to drop our “dead weight.” While that works for many successful guilds, that is not the kind of success we are looking for and we place kindness above power. It may not make us the smartest guild, but it definitely gives us a homey, comforting place to log in to daily.


Gucci kept it short and sweet when she let us know what she thought made TOW special.

Princess Kat, Wat and GM tbh… Nothing like LXG unfortunately.

Wrapping it Up

This Alliance was so fun to talk to and get to know. They are planning to make waves in the world of Iron Throne so make sure you keep an eye out for them. We hope that you enjoyed hearing from them as well. Get to know them and the other alliances that make up the Iron Throne Community by joining us in our Line and Discord!

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  1. Luckybtch says

    As a member of Tow I could not agree more on the above article. We truly are a family and I look forward to logging in several times a day to check in on everyone and of course lighting some fires. I am proud to be part of such a special alliance/family.

  2. Stonewall says

    Honored to be a part of such great people, truly a close knit family not just an alliance of players.
    The ability to add more would be very cool.
    Here, the possibilities are endless with growth both as a player and a human being.

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