Alliance Profile: AVE

An Inside Look at the Alliance AVE and Their Effect on the Community

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Last month we got the chance to take a closer look at an Alliance in K1 that scored two number one spots on the Leaderboards in the first-ever Iron Throne Hall of Fame. FAM was a great alliance to get to know and if you have yet to read their Alliance Profile make sure you take the chance to do so.

Alliance Profile: FAM

This month we are going to take the opportunity to get to know the Alliance AVE better. Formerly, known as AVG this alliance is far from AVeraGe and are forging their own AVEnue through the world of Iron Throne. We got the opportunity to talk to several players from AVE and hear their perspective on the Alliance they call home. Take a stroll down the AVEnue with us and get to know the alliance AVE.

How did AVE come to be? 

AVE Banner


That is a bit of a long story but I will try and keep it short. I guess you could really say AVE happened when Arrow and Bow left [Their former Alliance] and joined AVG (what AVE was called before) and then a few more from [Arrow and Bow’s Former Alliance] and other alliances, my self included also followed them and then after a couple of wars shortly after that AVG was renamed to AVE and then we had a brief moment of kingdom peace and AVE really came into its own at that point as we were able to switch focus from battling our own kingdom and focus on Kingdom VS Kingdom.

*Please Note some Alliance Names have been edited out for the safety of all individuals involved (Harry Potter Situation here people… The Alliance that shall not be named.). 


AVE really started when a core group of us, who had been in a few different alliances together, decided to join a mostly Korean based alliance that was called AVG at the time. They had built a solid alliance that was drama free and filled with players who just enjoyed the game. It has definitely evolved since then and is now a mixture of people from all over the world.


AVE hasn’t come to be, AVE simply is. ~Napoleon

Who is AVE?



We are a group of players who simply love the game (and maybe spend more time on it then we care to admit). We can be goofy and serious when needed. An unlikely group of friends brought together.


Now that in the second question you guys finally accepted that AVE simply is, time to tell who we are.. We are the best! If you hear Bake booming his voice about them being the best, don’t believe him 😉

What are the accomplishments of AVE?


AVE’s biggest accomplishment now I could say things like we are rank 1 in our kingdom, we have won this domination that domination, this blood moon that blood moon, but so could anyone else. I would say AVE’s biggest accomplishment is our family. AVE is our biggest accomplishment. AVE is only around due to the hard work of our players, our team, as well as our kingdom that joins us during kingdom events without them there would be no AVE.


Initially, we felt like the underdogs in many of the game events, and I think our greatest accomplishment has been continually improving, learning from each other, and getting stronger as a team every time. I remember a particular round of the tournament in which we were outnumbered 3 to 1. But we banded together and by sheer teamwork and tenacity won. This is how our team works, and I think because of this we have earned the respect of other alliances. All of us would agree that we would love to win the Tournament next time.

How have you acquired players? 



Through the great effort of our leadership and I also think it comes down to kingdom events. When players see how well we play and how well we work together as a team they are naturally tempted and want to join us.


People have gravitated to our alliance because of many of the reasons I mentioned above. We work as a team, we are drama free, and we learn from each other.


AVE has accomplished a true family atmosphere that makes everyone feel at home and drives them to push beyond their limits in any event without being pushed! Now that doesn’t mean Arrow doesn’t push as like a demon regardless… It also may have achieved first and second place in countless events.


I was actually acquired. Champion just kept talking and talking until I bought the idea to move to k30 and join AVE. That being said, I don’t know how Champ was acquired, but I imagine Arrow mentioned there are many girls in AVE and he agreed.

What are AVE’s favorite events to do together? 


Our favorite events, that’s a simple question to answer.

Tournament: Our guys love the tournament because it’s a great way for our team to show off a little and show how well we come together and show off our skill as a team.

Blood Moon: Now this event really shows off our team’s lust for blood lmao, as when we enter it’s just non stop rallies. We love keeping the other kingdoms on their toes when it comes to the kill event during Blood Moon. 

Domination: Domination really brings out AVE’s teamwork with our Kingdom, as this event truly brings K30 together. During the event, we’ll switch out players from AVE and other alliances like ZFG and XL1… Players from across K30 that can join us to fight as one team, to fight as one Kingdom… During Domination you would find most of us in AVE are on a voice call including players from other alliances [as we] all have a laugh, mess around, and have a great time.


Anytime we get to play together as a team, ATDM, Tournament, Domination. For Domination we always get on a big group call, and whether losing or winning we have fun. Bloodmoon is also a blast, it is the time we get to really test our builds and rally as a team.


Domination, because I am not allowed to join Tournament due to my lack of size 😀  

But the phone calls are definitely a blast with only the side effect of leaving you even more tired from the event than usual. 

I used to always prefer Blood Moon until I came to AVE.

What makes AVE special? 


What makes AVE special is our teamwork, from our highest power play to our lowest we all have our parts to play and we all work as one team, not as individuals. This also goes for when it comes to Kingdom vs Kingdom as not only does AVE fight for itself we fight hard to win events for our kingdom.


The people definitely. We are a family of all ages, countries, and cultures; yet we got together and formed an amazing alliance. I couldn’t be prouder to be part of this amazing group of people. Oh, and the feet pics are really nice 😉


Should there be any other reason for AVE to be special than being the second biggest alliance in the game? 

Well, surprisingly, there is… This alliance has such a low ego level and such a friendly atmosphere that it makes YOU feel special! Also, there is always something to learn about the game here. Everyone bring with them valuable skill and knowledge and combining all of it in one place makes Super-Players emerge!

Why did you choose AVE? 


Why did I choose Ave?  I originally joined Ave temporarily for Dom a month or so ago… After joining in the line call and hearing how much fun everyone was having… Laughing and teasing each other, it honestly caught me by surprise. I had this preconceived notion that this alliance was just a bunch of big egos playing together to smash everyone, not in Ave, I couldn’t have been more wrong… Everyone here genuinely cares about our kingdom as a whole.

I knew I wanted to be a part of this alliance because of this, so when I came to visit during the most recent Dom I asked if I could stay. I really like the thought of being a part of an alliance with the vision of building a strong and united kingdom to battle in Blood Moon and Domination. Ave is an amazing alliance full of great people and I am proud to now be a part of it.  Tasha


I personally switched kingdoms in order to join AVE with the hope of having an alliance that had a more active and effective leadership. That is exactly what I found!


I’m not going to type a lot but why AVE.. well you know when you get home from a long days work and you kick off your shoes and put your favorite comfy slippers on.. that’s AVE… HOME with your family.

We may be a small kingdom but we are mighty!


My reason for joining AVE, was so Bow, Fun & Arrow can’t burn me in ADM!!


Let me make it simple.

Arrow is a LadiesKiller. 

Dark has Oreos hidden in his account. 

Luca has a lovely french manicure and likes Oreos. 

Braan and Taye want to “test” my defense. 

Fun has an evil laugh when he beats me in duels.

Thor takes me out for movies when Arrow is sleeping :))

A bunch of the guys call me mom. Don’t know why 

Sinz is a guide in Las Vegas. Hit him up of you need anything. 

Stewy likes to do defiled outside the hive.

ToughFire is the best farmer

Wan is still upset about how GoT ended

Champ likes to talk about HP and debuffs all day

Phoenix tries to temper Champ

MrPropper is a good troll and ********

Chloe has twins :O

LilTank is the dad 

Lubed makes is easier

Tasha is Lube’s boss4

Apoc has sexy voice

Anna likes wine

Makuban likes cats

Tesla can cook

April’s baby keeps her awake so she can play IT

Morgaine hates Champ’s microphone and licks windows

Korean and Japanese translators are part of our lives.

All girls must have dinner with king to get accepted. 


The people and Arrow’s signature exclamation mark.

I didn’t choose, Champ did that for me and I’m glad he did.

Can we do raid now?

ᵀᴴᴱŁIŁŦΔŇҜ and ᴺᵃᵘᵍʰᵗʸÇhłoę

We joined AVE last transfer because we knew how good they played as an alliance and we were not lucky enough in k25 to be apart of a kingdom that would rather work together than against each other. Also, we wanted to improve our gameplay and we knew the players of AVE could help us take our gameplay to the next level. They are great people and made us feel very welcome. We could not ask for a better alliance to be a part of and since we have been a part of AVE they have shown us what can be achieved when you have good leaders and a family feel to the alliance, anything is possible. We’re a small kingdom but yet the BM and the domination we have been apart of [have] shown us how powerful good leadership and alliance and kingdom that’s willing to sacrifice for each other can achieve. We are proud and happy to be apart of AVE and we will hopefully be apart of ave for the rest of our time while we play Iron Throne.

Thanks from ᵀᴴᴱŁIŁŦΔŇҜ and ᴺᵃᵘᵍʰᵗʸÇhłoę

Wrapping it Up

This Alliance was so fun to talk to and get to know. We hope that you enjoyed hearing from them as well. Get to know them and the other alliances that make up the Iron Throne Community by joining us in our Line and Discord!

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