A Whole New World Transfer Event

How to use your transfer ticket, and how to smoothly move an entire alliance.

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Transfer Event

Today we are looking at the Whole New World Transfer Event that is going until 1/5/2020. How to transfer, what to look for, how to prepare your alliance if you’re moving a large group of people and take advantage of what this event could offer you!

First, to note, the Developers are offering everyone a free transfer ticket. In previous events, it used to cost players money to take advantage of this event, but in this case, you just need the one transfer ticket.

Also, unlike previous events, you don’t have to spend all of your Resources before transferring over to a new Kingdom.

Before you transfer, if you’ve never transferred before, you need to leave your Guild first. Then you need to go to your items and scroll down to the bottom where your transfer ticket will be located.

When you click on the ticket, it’ll pull up a list of the Kingdoms that are eligible to transfer to. Just make sure you meet all the requirements of that specific Kingdom before you magically appear!

When you port to the different Kingdom, you’ll then be ported randomly just like in Blood Moon or similar events.

If you’re moving your entire Alliance (Kingdom 50 in our case), you can take over a Dead Alliance if an R5 hasn’t been active for a bit of time. All the R4’s were delegated duties to help make the Alliance transfer very smooth and efficient.

You can always build a new Alliance and essentially delegate duties like the example above, so see what kind of options would be best for you and your fellow Alliance members.

This is a very delicate process and has a lot of little baby steps, so make sure to watch this video in its entirety to fully understand how to take advantage of this limited event! Again, it’s only available until 1/5/2020, but this could also serve as a great method of preparing yourself if another transfer event takes place in the future.

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