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What Makes Iron Throne Different

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Iron Throne is a mobile strategy game developed by the creators of Lineage 2: Revolution.  Filled with action-packed quests, incredible animations, and fierce battles, Iron Throne is unlike any other mobile strategy game currently on the market. That’s because unlike other similar games, Iron Throne offers multiple styles of battle to engage all levels and types of play.

Dimensional Void: Battle Royale, Golden Moon, Team Deathmatch and Alliance Deathmatch

For a truly thrilling battle experience, be sure to join Battle Royale and Team/Alliance Deathmatch! Imagine an intense all-out brawl that is reminiscent of Lineage II: Revolution’s Open Siege mode, but with a new twist! Team and Alliance Deathmatches last for thirty minutes (although it may conclude sooner), while Battle Royale is a maximum of twenty minutes. Battle Royale and Alliance/Team Deathmatch split entrants into two teams and sets them on each other for total chaos. You may battle alone or work with your team. Alliance Deathmatch pits your Alliance against an Alliance with similar power. Iron Throne provides the troops and the buffs (as you earn them), making this an enjoyable experience for all levels of play, once unlocked. All combatants receive prizes, but the winners reap the best rewards! One of the best parts of these items is that you don’t lose your own troops!

Battle Royale

Battle Royale is unlocked after reaching Citadel Lv. 12. Entrants battle each other in a Free-For-All Arena. As the number of players drops down to the final combatants, fire rages over the land, forcing all players into closer and closer proximity. This fast-paced battle requires quick thinking and nimble fingers!

Alliance Deathmatch

Alliance Deathmatch is unlocked at Citadel Lv. 14. An up to 20-on-20 team battle rages on, similar to the Battle Royale (without the fire), but with the addition of team play. An R4 or R5 must enlist the Alliance for Alliance Deathmatch. Buffs are obtained by accumulating points, and the faster you can obtain those buffs, the higher chance you have of placing in the ranks!

Team Deathmatch

Team Deathmatch is also unlocked at Citadel 14. The mechanics are the same as Alliance Deathmatch, but instead of fighting with your Alliance members, team mates are randomly chosen to battle each other in a fierce 20 vs. 20 battle.

Golden Moon

This is one of the most useful areas in the game, that requires the least amount of time. There are several benefits to the Golden Moon;

  • You can test your build against other players without losing real troops. Do you want at test? Ask a fellow player to meet your there!
  • You should be sitting on a Sanctuary at all times. You don’t have to stay in the Golden Moon and watch them. Accumulate lots of gear chests and building items by occupying one around the clock. It’s easy and effective.

Dimensional Battle

In the center of the Castle is a mysterious glowing portal. Entering through this gate takes you to another dimension, transporting you on a journey through dangerous lands. There are multiple chapters to complete, each with an elaborate storyline to explore along the way.

Inside each chapter are additional challenges you must complete to continue your journey. To do so, you must leverage your troops to successfully offset your opposition. While in this mode, you will not lose any of your personal troops. You will also have access to amazing offensive creatures and magic such as meteor showers, ogres and death knights. Clearing these chapters provides fantastic rewards.


Replacing the old Arena is Duel Mode. Go head to head with your fellow players several times a day in this battleground. Duel runs on the same principles as Dimensional Battle, but it’s against actual other players in the game, not NPC.


One of the most popular events in Iron Throne, Domination looks like a giant board of RISK. Each of the top Alliances are given one tile prior to the start of the match. It’s up to your leadership team to make the appropriate strategic decisions and take over the tiles on the map! For an in-depth look at Domination look here.

Invasion Rift and Raid Boss

Both of these events are geared solely as an Alliance Activity. Raid Boss consists of killing the monster summoned at the Shrine for thirty minutes, or until you’ve reached the maximum level of researched monster. Invasion Rift brings a high paced and hectic fight against spawning Portals and Monsters.

Monsters, Chaotic Strongholds and Defiled Strongholds

Iron Throne’s selection of beautifully-rendered monsters are second-to-none; it’s almost a shame to kill them. Monster levels are scaled to fit various player’s abilities. Adding to this is the unique inclusion of Chaotic and Defiled Strongholds. While Chaotic Strongholds can be attacked alone, Defiled Strongholds can only be Rallied against with the assistance of your Alliance. Destroying these Strongholds provides ample resources and rewards. 

Town Mode

Iron Throne’s Town Mode is an immersive story mode experience, reminiscent of some of the most beloved MMORPGs like World of Warcraft and Guild Wars. It incorporates a fully-voiced storyline in which you interact with various residents of your town. As you explore the town further, you will be tasked with protecting the townspeople, killing monsters, and completing epic quests. You have full control over your hero, Captain Lauren, to either explore by manually moving about or clicking on your objective to move automatically.

In addition to creating a flowing story mode, this instanced area has multiple quest options (described above) that evolve the story as well as generate an abundance of rewards. Keep a lookout for the treasure boxes sprinkled around the town, as they contain resources and other useful items. Upon completing the daily quests, you will receive extremely helpful buffs that last until the daily reset, such as research speed and combat boosts. After you have finished the Daily Quests once, they can be completed each day by using Food.

Multiple Heroes and Appointment System

An extensive menu of Heroes awaits, each one having its own attributes to help further your quest for game domination. There are Heroes for building, research, training, resource production, gathering and all four troop types. As you would expect, each Hero must be leveled up to become more powerful. The strategy here? Decide how to allocate the Hero XP and give yourself ample opportunity to specialize your Heroes for your castle.

Deputy System

Two additional heroes can now be equipped for both your Guard Captain and Attack Hero. Currently, only two extra hero for each can be researched, but the teaser indicated that in the future up to four each will be available. The deputies are researched in the new hero training research node. The first Deputy Hero starts with 10% of it’s buffs and can be researched to 50% max.

Quests and Rewards to Help You Build

Iron Throne’s quests and rewards are targeted to give you what you need to progress at each point of your build. In addition to dispensing a huge amount of useful items, they also give you insight into the vast and exciting world of Iron Throne.

These many offerings make it easy to get much-needed items early on to build your city. The sheer number of available spots to engage to get free content far outshines other mobile strategy games. For a new account, the best places to receive helpful items are the Growth Missions (there are so many of these!), Town Mode and the Event Center.

So When do I Spend?

Iron Throne is much different from other mobile strategy games. Players can get quite far utilizing the quests and free rewards that are around every corner. Packs are available and will become necessary further in the game, but even if you can’t buy frequently, there are several free-to-play experiences to enjoy. Packs available for purchase provide exclusive content such as the Dark Lord and Troop Specific Gear Sets. Gamers of all levels and spending ability have plenty of opportunity to succeed in and enjoy Iron Throne.

Iron Throne really is a different kind of war game. Many of you reading this have most likely played many of the games currently on the market, seeking the “right” one. Iron Throne fits the bill. There is so much to do, and so many ways to play. Come join the battle and be assured that our team here at Iron Throne Elite will be with you every step of the way!

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