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Intermediate Video Guides for All Combat Modes

Hey guys, Here’s a convenient post of gameplay videos for all the top Battlegrounds in Iron Throne. These guides are a little more in-depth than beginner-level ones. So if you don’t understand everything right away, you’ll probably catch on after a few more days playing. I’ve started with the most popular free-to-play Battlegrounds like Battle […]

Descending into the Arena

Deep inside the Dimensional Gate lies the fierce battleground of the Arena. Here, combatants fight it out for supremacy. How might one succeed in the dangerous pit? Let’s take a closer look at the mechanics and options available. Today, Chrishero100 joins us as we explore the front lines of the Arena and how best to […]

Gear Up! Advanced Gear Tips

Gear plays a crucial part in success in Iron Throne. In our earlier article The Forge, we addressed the basics of gear and crafting. But there’s still a lot of ground to cover! Here, we’ll be talking about: Combat Gear; What to use it for; What materials you need; Where to get it; A breakdown […]

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The Heroes: A Comprehensive Guide to Your Hero

Your Iron Throne Heroes perform all necessary functions within your Citadel. Each Hero boosts different stats. The Heroes you have are very important as they provide valuable boosts. The multi-hero system is very unique and might confuse…

The Daily Grind: What You Need to Be Doing Every Day in Iron Throne

Iron Throne is rife with daily activities to both occupy your time, have fun and get rewards! We've discussed your daily grind before, but lots of things have changed! Let's take a look at what you should be doing every day to fully…

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Prepare to Transfer Kingdoms

The Kingdom Transfer event is coming! Players have been asking for the ability to transfer Kingdoms and Netmarble has answered with a YES! This opens a new world of opportunity for many players who have been itching to either get out of the…

Get a Handle on the New Lord Skill Points!

In the most recent update, the Lord Skill trees were significantly modified. This brings with it many questions, on how best to utilize your points for different types of presets. Today we will take a look at the skills on each tree, and…

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