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Attacking 101 for the Beginner PvP’er

Attacking 101 for the Beginner PvP’er We’ve had a community request discussing how to get started with attacking in PvP! Thankfully, PrincessKat is more than happy to help! Attacking 101 Test Hits First things, first. When preparing to attack, it’s always good to test your numbers, theories, and troops. If you have a good Kingdom, […]

A Whole New World Transfer Event

Requirements needed to transfer your citadel, as well as differences that make this transfer event better than any previous transfer event! How to use your ticket, how to smoothly move over your alliance, and what to expect when moving to an entirely new kingdom.

Understanding Leverage – Video

Understanding Leverage Leverage can be a confusing topic when you start delving into it. But thankfully our favorite Princess Kat will be going over Leverage thoroughly in this new video. Leverage is the bonus you receive when using specific troops against troops they’re weak against. For example, Infantry Troops are given a 200% bonus against […]

Preemptive Strike

Preemptive Strike PrincessKat breaks down Preemptive Strike and why it’s incredibly crucial to your effectiveness in battle! First, due to community outreach, PrincessKat goes over how to read a Battle Report. Understanding what takes place in a battle really makes or breaks your ability to play in Iron Thrones or any War-Strategy game. Later in […]

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The Heroes: A Comprehensive Guide to Your Hero

Your Iron Throne Heroes perform all necessary functions within your Citadel. Each Hero boosts different stats. The Heroes you have are very important as they provide valuable boosts. The multi-hero system is very unique and might confuse…

Safeguarding Your Castle: The Ultimate Defensive PVP Guide

In any war game there is always the chance of losing what you have built to another player who is stronger than you. For many players these losses can be devastating. Just as in any war it comes at a cost. Fortunately, Iron Throne is one of…

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Iron Throne Elite 2019 Year in Review

Iron Thrones Elite is dedicated to creating high quality useful and relevant content for all levels of players. While creating an incredibly fun, positive, and informative community through our social media. We’ve had an amazing year of…

Build a Strong Kingdom with your Fresh Start

Recently Netmarble hosted a Fresh Start event. With this event, players were given a free transfer port and had the opportunity to make a new home in a different Kingdom. Throughout the course of this event, we saw individual players moving…

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Attacking 101 for the Beginner PvP’er

Attacking 101 for the Beginner PvP'er We've had a community request discussing…

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